Business development

Get professional sparring, and lift your business.

We help you with your business development and guide you about your growth opportunities and connect the right resources.

Our business developers are ready and we have access to specialized competencies in a wide range of areas - we are all ready to help.

We help with the specific challenge or we do a 360-degree check of your company's growth opportunities and focus areas - it is your needs that define the framework.

Among other things, we can help in:

  • Sales strategy
  • Patents and IPR
  • Exports and new markets
  • Screening of new subcontractors
  • International collaborations
  • Generation and change of ownership
  • Oa

We have access to both specialists and advisers who are ready to help. Contact us and hear what we can do for you.


Contact Billund Erhverv if you want to talk about business development of your company

Tel. +45 6915 2176