Billund Municipality scores highly on the perceived quality of life among its residents

In the past six years, Realdania and the Knowledge Center Bolius have published a report on 'The Danes in the built environment', which is based on a larger questionnaire survey. It is asked, among other things, into how satisfied we are with our neighborhood and whether we would recommend the area to a friend or colleague – both questions that Billund municipality scores highly on.

Despite the fact that Danes' perceived quality of life has generally fallen, Billund Municipality bursts into the top 5 of municipalities with a high quality of life – last year the municipality could not even be found in the top 20. Common to almost all municipalities that are in the top 10 is that , are smaller communities or even what we term fringe Denmark. It is thus not in the big city that the inhabitants experience the highest quality of life.

81% of those questioned in Billund municipality agree or partly agree with the statement 'I am proud of the area I live in' and they value safety and access to nature highly.

Settlement coordinator Marianne Thomsen recognizes this image from the inquiries she receives from potential movers who emphasize that their children can move safely on the playgrounds and that there are green areas available.

"I often hear as a reason for moving to Billund Municipality that people want to move closer to their workplace and thereby save time on transport", says Marianne Thomsen. The survey also asks what would make people move again, to which the most frequent answers are changed family relationships and finances, which are often connected to job security.

This underlines the importance of both having the homes that are in demand (also in case of divorce, for example) AND having many different companies in the municipality, so that we do not necessarily lose citizens if individual companies cut staff.

Download the full report here