Advisory Board

Billund Erhverv's members are an important resource which, with both knowledge and competencies, must help to qualify the association's work.

Therefore, the Board of Directors has set up three Advisory Boards within retail, entrepreneurship and members, respectively.

The three boards are innovative forums where the association's current and future focus areas are discussed and qualified and thereby strengthen our association.

Each board is accompanied by a chairman from the board of directors, who makes sure to advise the board and the director of Billund Erhverv on the basis of the work that takes place in the individual boards.

In each board there are four to ten members, who are appointed by the board. The members are appointed as a starting point among members of Billund Erhverv, but can be supplemented by external ones. The aim is for the circle of participants in the individual boards to be broadly represented - both academically and geographically.

A terms of reference have been prepared for each of the appointed Advisory Boards and the Board of Directors may at any time set up special committees to solve tasks that are covered by the purpose.

Below are the members and terms of reference for the individual boards.

Advisory Board - Detail

Meeting dates

17 January 2023

9 May 2023

22 AUGUST 2023

7. November 2023

In our Advisory Board for Retail in Billund Municipality are the following:

Chairman of the Board

Jesper Jensen - SkoUniverset

Tlf: 2227 0976


Marianne Hestbech Witte – Billund Business

Tlf: 4414 5550

Jonas Pedersen – Mr. P, Grindsted

Tlf: 5151 0091

Søren Rosendahl - Mr. Ebb, Billund

Tlf: 2369 8178

Jari Toftkjær– Skousen, Billund and Billund Houserental

Tlf: 8877 9756

Vivi Stoklund – Sport 24, Billund

Tlf: 7370 9549

Jørgen Møller – Sparekassen Kronjylland

Tlf: 5150 5734

Lise Vinther – Rosanne, Grindsted

Tlf: 6166 6572

Brian Hansen – Play chain Grindsted/Billund

Tlf: 4063 3025

Brian Duedahl – Min Købmand Stenderup/Krogager

Tlf: 7672 0727

Jette Kring – Prikken, Vorbasse

Tlf: 7533 3177

Advisory Board - Entrepreneur

Meeting dates

8. March 2023

June 8

8. September 2023

8. December 2023

In our Advisory Board for Entrepreneurs in Billund Municipality are the following:


Jeppe H. Laursen - Zebicon

Tlf: 4196 4955

Ole Christensen - Mosevang

Tlf: 2142 1120

Simon Miersen Warmblood - Nordea

Tlf: 3120 7558

Preben Møller Nielsen - Experts4experts

Tlf: 2065 5930

Jens Woeste - Stock IQ

Mads Brink – Nimalift A/S

Tlf: 2097 3171

Jonas Hjortflod Dupont – Growth Fund

Tlf: 4062 7250

Advisory Board - Members

The Advisory Board has been closed as of March 9, 2023.