Decoupling 2030

Get help for more sustainable production

Production and manufacturing companies in Billund municipality can, through a new programme, get help with their work with more sustainable development.

Through the programme, you participate in a skills workshop (lab) together with other companies and knowledge partners. In the workshop, the focus is on areas of action that are significant in relation to sustainability and decoupling – tailored to the company's challenges.

Subsequently, there is follow-up and sparring with GTSs (Approved Technological Service Institutes).

Starts outside the company

In Decoupling 2030, our work always starts in the company with a thorough analysis of the company's situation.
Through expert advice and collaboration in the programme's many labs, we meet the company's concrete challenges and help create clear priorities, tailored solutions and concrete action plans that will have the greatest effect on competitiveness and climate and environmental impact.

Contact Billund Erhverv if you want to know more about Afkoppling 20230 and read more


Lars Gadgaard
Business developer

Tel. +45 9215 1142


Susanne Gren Svendsen
Business developer

Tel. +45 9282 6965

The sustainability ladder

Where is your business and how are you moving forward?


It will probably work out…


  • Not proven to work with sustainability measures.
  • No objective.
  • Exclusive focus on financial savings.


  • Working with a climate account.
  • Has objectives and works systematically.
  • Collects and uses data as a management tool.
  • No sustainability strategy.


  • Has a strategic approach to sustainability.
  • Uses sustainability principles to differentiate itself in the market.
  • Has set objectives and KPIs for reduction.


  • Sets new standards within its industry.
  • Works proactively, purposefully and structured to reduce the company's impact.
  • Has long-term objectives and meets the Science Based Target.

If you are a manufacturing company, reach out...

We can help with all aspects of the company's sustainable transition, including:

  • Sustainable management and strategy
  • Circular business models and take-back solutions
  • Double Materiality and the value chain work
  • Sustainable design of products
  • Sustainable design of packaging
  • Resources and waste streams in production
  • Life extension of products and components

Upcoming competency workshops


wait-2023 – Circular business models and product design

27/09-2023 – Sustainable design of packaging

05/10-2023 – Sustainable design – electronic products

19/10-2023 – Products and life extension

26/10-2023 – Value chain cooperation” (food sector)

06/11-2023 – Resources and waste streams – energy and water

08/11-2023 – Transport & Logistics

28/11-2023 – Sustainable management and transformation

10/01-2024 – Resources and waste flows – production optimization


Decoupling 2030 is aimed at ambitious Danish production companies that want to engage in sustainable transition. This includes not only the production processes, but also all the way through the value chain and the supply chain.

In addition to focusing on reducing climate and environmental emissions in the company's own Scope 1 and 2, Afkoppling also contributes to reducing emissions in Scope 3. These make up to 90% of a company's total emissions.


Decoupling 2030 is a collaboration between Billund Business, The Industry Foundation, DANDY Business Park, DDC – Danish Design Center, FORCE Technology, The triangle area, Alexandra Institute og Institute of Technology.

Decoupling 2030 is 100% financed by the Industry Fund with the aim of helping the production/manufacturing companies to a more sustainable operation and development.