AM/3D printing for product development

Do you also want to join our 3D network, where we look into 3D printing's opportunities and challenges for the individual company? We continuously recruit new members to the network. 3D printing or AM (Additive Manufacturing) covers a great many things, and there are many attitudes and expectations towards the technology.

Through network meetings, we will try to get a handle on the specifics of the technology - what you as a company have to deal with when looking into AM. We will also look into what possibilities there are for getting help to get started with AM (e.g. support schemes, co-financing or advice).

The network is aimed at employees and companies who are curious about 3D printing, those who already have experience, and those who are unsure whether 3D printing is for them. The network meetings are held at relevant companies and we invite experts and experienced technicians so that everyone is well dressed.

Come along if you would like to find out:

  • What can 3D printing be used for in my company?
  • What advantages can it give me in terms of product development, delivery times, prototypes, etc.?
  • What opportunities open up in the future?
  • What does it cost my company to implement the technology?
  • Business Kolding facilitates the network, but it will largely be the members of the network who set the agenda for the network meetings (ie content, form, time etc.). As a starting point, the meetings alternate between the member companies.

Participation in the network is free, but there may be costs when purchasing external presenters or otherwise.


Read more and find a contact person for the network here.

Business Kolding facilitates this network.​