Anesco is an English company that was established in 2010, and they currently have approx. 200 employees employed in England. In the beginning, the core product was solar cells for rooftops, but today the company is concentrating on the development and establishment of land-based solar parks and so-called battery parks, where you can store power from the energy grid and deliver it back when it is needed.

In Denmark, the focus is currently exclusively on solar parks.

Easy access, industry and and development

When Gert Vognstrup Kristensen had to find out where the office should be located, he first of all looked at southern Jutland: "When Anesco was to start up in Denmark, we had to find a place where we could have a base, and I was given the task of finding a location for our office. I previously had an office around the capital area, but since our customers at Anesco are typically farmers etc., who are located in rural areas and often here in Jutland, it would make the most sense to find an office in Jutland." Gert says and continues: "The reason we chose Billund is that we wanted to establish ourselves in a city that is not too big and that is easy to get to, that's one part - the other part is that Billund is an exciting place, because there is already a lot of industry and a lot of development. In addition, Billund Erhverv has been very good at welcoming us, and that has certainly contributed to our choosing Billund over other surrounding towns".

Help to collect from Billund Erhverv

Billund Erhverv helped Gert get started with the start-up, and was also able to offer him a temporary desk. "I contacted Billund Erhverv, and was invited to a talk, where Billund Erhverv partly had some good offers for us, and partly welcomed us very well, and then they had the opportunity to offer us a temporary place to sit here in the start-up phase,” says Gert and continues: "Here is a really good environment, where you feel that there is someone who kind of helps and supports you, and there is someone you can talk to. So when you come as a single person with this company you have to start with, it's really nice to have a place where there are more people around you."

Despite the size of the parent company, Gert Vognstrup Kristensen describes himself as a start-up: "Although Anesco can be considered a large company, we start very small when we open in other countries. Typically, a single employee is responsible for a start-up. We have branches in the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and now also in Denmark - so even though the company is really big, I sit completely alone in everyday life and need the support and sparring I can get through Billund Erhverv."

Gert is very happy that the choice fell on Billund, which in his view is the perfect place for an Anesco branch. It has also been shown that Billund Airport is a huge advantage compared to the choice of Billund: "We use the airport a lot, and here Billund Airport is incredibly easy to travel from and to" Gert smiles and continues: "It actually only takes me 30 minutes from when I leave the office until I'm standing outside at the plane, and that's also a huge advantage."

If you are a start-up company or entrepreneur, you can contact Billund Erhverv. We can e.g. offer free business development, sparring and you have the opportunity to get a desk in our office environment. Read more about our entrepreneurial efforts here.

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