In 2018, Mads Kejlberg studied engineering at VIA University College in Horsens. In the same year, the school participated in Billund KarriereTour TECH, which at the time still went by the name Billund Tech Tour.

One of the places Mads had to visit that day was Davinci 3D in Billund, and that visit ended up meaning a lot for his career and place of residence.

"The year after the visit to Billund, we had to apply for an internship, and then I remembered that it was really cool at Davinci in terms of technology," says Mads Kejlberg, who continues with a smile "I myself had a healthy interest in 3D printing and had built my own printer at home and things like that, and then I agreed with myself that I wanted to apply for an internship here - and I got it. It ended up being really good! I was allowed to try a lot of different things – from participating in customer visits to outright engineering work.”

When Mads started his internship at Davinci 3D, it happened almost at the same time as there was a leap in the technological development in 3D printing. The industry began to use 3D printing to a greater extent, but there were not yet many providers of 3D printing in high end quality, there were actually only 3 major providers here in Denmark. Mads Kejlberg explains: "There were many who offered FDM print, which you also know from schools, they have a lot of printers standing around, which just run all the time, so it is difficult to compete with them. At Davinci, we focused on the more expensive solutions that require a little more capital and concentrated on series production rather than just prototypes.”

When Mads has finished his internship, he is offered a student assistant job, where he gets a computer to take home and can help with various construction tasks from home while he completes his education. "It then happens that the engineer who is in the company quits, and then it ends up that most of the construction tasks fall to me, at the same time as I am writing my bachelor's, so I got a lot of work alongside my studies .” says Mads, and elaborates: "It meant that I got a start on a number of good projects and got various clients going, then it was somewhat in the cards that after completing my education I would have to come out to Davinci 3D to start the engineering department properly up again.”

Davinci 3D had in the meantime become part of SP Group, and it was obvious that the Billund company would function as SP Group's development house, Mads Kejlberg talks about the changes: "We again had to have more engineers in-house, and we have then got slightly different employees with specialties in plastics, construction and calculations.”

Today, Mads Kejlberg is a team leader at Davinci 3D and he has helped recruit new employees in connection with the Billund Career Tour.

He recommends other tech companies to join Billund KarriereTour: "If you need to recruit, or perhaps just want to draw attention to your company in relation to relevant fields of study, Billund KarriereTour is really good. You come into contact with young people who have just finished their education and who are hungry for good jobs. That is really good."

Mads Kejlberg is sure that he has landed in the right place, and he decided to move to Billund with his family this summer.

"I was commuting back and forth between Horsens and Billund, and as I got bigger areas of responsibility, a little more hours were also put in at the workplace. It became difficult for me to feel that I was present enough at home, well enough I was on when I got home, but when there is only an hour and a half before the kids go to sleep, you don't get much out of it. .” it comes from Mads. "Billund is a city with many workplaces, and that helped us dare to move here. My wife is currently on maternity leave with the youngest, but she already has a job in mind. And after all, Billund is a fantastic city for the children – they have settled in quickly, and once the children have settled in, it is also easier for us adults to make our lives work.”

"And it's almost Halloween!". Mads lights up with a broad smile: "You have to say that - here in Billund, you really get into Halloween. Because there are so many internationals living in Billund, there are more people who like it. So it was a bit of an experience to have the big boy out and rustle with him, even though he probably got a little scared once in a while - it was a huge experience."

Billund KarriereTour is organized by Billund Erhverv and is held every autumn. There are 2 tracks in the Billund Career Tour, respectively TECH, which is aimed at students within the tech industry, and TOURISM, which is targeted at students within the experience industry.

If you want to know more about Billund KarriereTour, you can contact Marianne K. Thomsen from Billund Erhverv at and 2269 2498.