As part of DI's annual business friendliness survey, in 2023 there has been an increased focus on international labor in recognition that this is of increasing importance for e.g. companies' opportunity for growth. The lack of qualified labour, both skilled and highly specialized, is indicated by many companies as the biggest obstacle to growth and the companies want the municipalities to focus on this.

At Billund Erhverv, we also have a strong focus on attracting qualified labor, both by making visible the many opportunities for jobs in the municipality for students through, for example, Billund CareerTour Tech and Billund CareerTour Tourism and through Settlement Coordinator Marianne Thomsen's daily work of providing hands-on help to the companies' new employees from near and far. International employees in particular need help in the process of moving to Denmark and navigating the Danish system, but companies can also get help in this process. And we are delighted that the companies in Billund Municipality show great satisfaction with the service available in Billund Municipality.

In Billund Municipality, 15% of employees are international compared to a national average of 12%, and we are only just below the Copenhagen area, where 16% of employees are international. This is a development from 6% in 2012 to 15% in 2023, and there is no indication that this development will stop here. 'I find that several small and medium-sized companies contact me because they are either considering or have employed employees from abroad' says Marianne Thomsen, '..and many come here with their families'. Often the employees have been referred to the settlement coordinator through networks at the workplace, but there are also local companies that book an appointment for their newly hired international employees as soon as they are on their way to Denmark, so that they can get a good start in Billund Municipality - and thus hopefully choosing to stay.