Benefits for businesses in Billund ErhvervsFremme

Is your business well established? See if Billund ErhvervsFremme can still give you some great feedback. We assist, for example, with advice on growth and new markets. You can also take advantage of us if you just need some one to give you feedback or if you want an external look at the opportunities in your business.


Marianne Witte

Business and entrepreneur advisor

+45 2012 3133

1-1 counseling

Billund ErhvervsFremme is ready to talk to you about how your business should progress. We call it 1-1 counseling because our dialogue takes place in the personal meeting between our business consultant and you, and you can rely on complete confidentiality. We can help you with:

  • How to include new countries in your sales strategy
  • How to increase revenue in your current sales channels
  • How to get your products widely used in new sales channels
  • How to find skilled labor
  • How to apply for a patent for a new product or technology
  • How to start a search for a new business to buy
  • How to initiate a sales or generational change process
  • Or something completely different

360° analysis


Get an analysis that covers all of your business. Erhvervshus Syd assists in carrying out the GrowthWheel analyzes. The Growth Wheel®  is a tool that gives you a simple, quick and clear overview of your company’s challenges and growth opportunities, making it easier for you to make the right, value-adding decisions.

A GrowthWheel conversation with Erhvervshus Syd gives you a 36o perspective on your company’s growth opportunities and focus areas. The length of the interview varies between ½ – 2 hours and is carried out by a certified, independent consultant and with full confidentiality. The conversation is free.

Growth Programs


Get grants to grow.

Billund ErhvervsFremme works with Erhvervshus Syd to enable companies in the municipality of Billund to grow and develop.

Erhvervshus Syd has ongoing growth projects and offers various, focused programs for companies with high growth potential. The following programs are currently available:

Sprouting Food Experiences
Strategic Competence Development
Several different programs related to digitization of the company’s processes.

A good entry for choosing a program is a 36o analysis of your company (

Contact Billund Erhvervsfremme for more information.

Advisor Database

Get 1-2 hours of free clarification conversation.

Among Billund ErhvervsFremmes members you will find a number of specialists who offer advice for both companies and entrepreneurs. You will find specialtist in law, IT, HR, strategy, sales & marketing, management as well as accounting & auditing.

With reference from Billund ErhvervsFremme, all the advisers in the Adviser Database offer 1-2 hours of free help.

Contact our business consultant at Billund Erhvervsfremme for more information.

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