Now there is help right where your shoe presses

As an entrepreneur or young business, you have the opportunity to be assigned both an expert and a local growth guide who will help you with the challenges that stand in the way of your growth

Do you sometimes think: "I wish there was an expert in online marketing who came in and helped me get started"? or "if only I could afford a wise head to teach us how to optimize our sales or raise capital"?

Now help is here!

If your company was established after 2016, you can get a place on the NextStep course.

- We are very happy to be able to offer this program to our local entrepreneurs and young companies. Here they can get help for precisely the area of ​​the business where there are challenges here and now, says Susanne Gren Svendsen, business developer, Billund Erhverv.

For you with ambitions

NextStep is for you who have ambitions for growth. If you are allocated a place, you get up to 27.000. DKK in grants for the purchase of skills development exactly where you need it.

But not only that. From your local business office, you will be assigned a Growth Guide, who will freely invest a number of hours in your business. Through sparring, you will find out where it is the right place to invest, just as Vækstguiden is a close sparring partner on your entire business development.

- The package is interesting because you both get sidekick training from the private adviser, and then you have 1:1 sparring with a local Growth Guide who is passionate about seeing you succeed, says Susanne Gren Svendsen.

Help is business

Billund Erhverv also encourages the local entrepreneurs and young companies to take action after NextStep.

Most entrepreneurs find that they have gaps where they lack skills. Here, they get help in an effective process, which they organize themselves with the external sparring partner. And experience shows that companies that consciously use external sparring perform better on both the top and bottom line. NextStep is therefore an obvious opportunity for entrepreneurs to create more value for themselves faster.

Facts about the NextStep course

A NextStep course is for entrepreneurs and companies with growth ambitions established after 2016. Here you get free 1:1 sparring from your local business office and, in addition, a subsidy for the purchase of private advice to develop your skills. You can buy advice for up to DKK 36.000 and with a co-payment of 25%. (~ i.e. DKK 27.000 in subsidy). You have access to the offer through your local business office and Erhvervshus Sydjylland. The offer was launched by Iværksætterdanmark and supported by the European Social Fund and Denmark's Business Promotion Board.

Read more about NextStep and register here

Shall we help you with your next step?

If you are curious about the NextStep program and would like to find out whether you are in the target group, contact Billund Erhverv - Susanne Gren Svendsen, tel. 9282 6965.

With its entrance, Motor Stage Automation has entered directly as a significant player on the international market for stage technical automation.

Motor Stage Automation specializes in moving elements both on and over stages and audiences.

Motor Stage Automation was started in 2021, in the middle of the corona epidemic, at a time when the earnings basis was equal to zero. The parent company saw a gap in the market and created MSA as a direct spin off, where things were seen from a new perspective, while the established international companies focused on damage control of their own businesses.

Since the start in 2021, it has only gone one way for Motor Stage Automation and the massive investments that have put MSA in as the supplier in Europe with the most equipment are starting to pay off.

This year, Motor Stage Automation has been chosen as the automation supplier for, among others, Dua Lipa's world tour, Green Day's European tour, Gaming Shows, The Bodyguard and Pretty Woman musicals, TV2, Carpe Diem, Europe's Biggest Trance festival, etc.

In 2021, the company was a spinoff of the main business, VIGSØ A/S – which rents out light and video to the event industry nationally and internationally. The team was joined by an industry person from Australia who already knew the international market, and things have gone fast since then. The expectations for growth at the top and bottom are at an index of 2-300 annually for the next 3-5 years.

The future
For Motor Stage Automation, a good growth potential is seen with high margins in interesting markets, where it is expected that the company can pull the sister company VIGØS A/S along on the next growth stage, towards a more international focus.

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You can read more about Motor Stage Automation at their Homepage.

The company was founded in 2019 by Jens Legarth, who had the idea to use his patented technology to produce healthy plant proteins for use in food.

FERM FOOD is a Danish producer of plant protein ingredients for food based on local protein-rich crops. The company utilizes fermentation technology to create healthy and naturally preserved plant proteins that are economically sustainable for the entire value chain.

The technology is called solid-state lactic acid fermentation and is patented by FERM FOOD's parent company Fermentationexperts, which is also owned by Jens Legarth.

The market for plant proteins is growing, but sales in Danish retail trade are still small compared to sales of conventionally produced meat. According to FERM FOOD, one of the reasons is that plant proteins are too expensive, too difficult to prepare and contain too many artificial additives. Therefore, the plant company FERM FOOD will increase the quality and lower the price.

FERM FOOD's technology differs in that the company uses microorganisms to ferment, and that the process uses less water, no heating and completely avoids drying. Therefore, FERM FOOD's plant protein costs less to produce.

A pilot factory has been built in 2022 at the address in Bække. FERM FOOD is allocated the financial and personnel resources from the parent company to realize the growth potential.

The future
The management at FERM FOOD is determined to build a factory that will also function as a knowledge center for the fermentation of plant proteins. Here, food startups can gain knowledge and the opportunity to make trial productions of new plant protein products.

The company expects that a new plant protein product based on FERM FOOD's patented proteins will be launched in the Danish supermarkets at the end of 2022/early 2023.

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You can read more about FERM FOOD at their Homepage

JR Engineering

JR Teknik ApS performs subcontractor work within metal and plastic chip removal and has the opportunity to perform CNC turning, CNC milling and automatic sawing.

JR Teknik ApS was founded by Rolf Baarsgaard Hansen and Jacob Therkildsen in December 2021. One of the founders is trained as a toolmaker and is currently a project employee at LEGO, while the other founder is trained as an agricultural assistant and industrial technician and is employed by Svends Værktøj.

JR-Teknik ApS is thus currently operated as a "leisure company", but the ambition is that in the long term it should take up more space as the clientele builds and more tasks come along. The focus is on quiet and steady growth, and it is the intention of the owners that in the long term the company provides a basis for the founders to devote themselves full-time to the work at JR Teknik.

The company is based in a large rented factory premises in Grindsted, and investments have been made in a number of different machines, just as the premises are furnished with e.g. air pressure system used for the production machines.

The future
Both founders have a strong local network that, among other things, helps to solve challenges when they arise. For example, a slightly larger local company has placed orders with them and at the same time helps in other contexts with pricing of JR Teknik's products.

The founders' current employers are aware that they run a business alongside their full-time jobs. JR Teknik can be seen as a spinoff of Svends Værktøj, as the machines and professionalism are almost identical and they also handle subcontracting tasks for the same type of companies.

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You can read more about JR-Teknik Aps at their website.

Attracting and retaining labor is also closely linked to settlement. Billund Erhverv's settlement coordinator Marianne K. Thomsen helps i.a. future employees in our local companies to settle in Billund Municipality. With the close collaboration with Billund Municipality, schools, institutions, real estate agents and not least the business community, Marianne can provide a service that benefits both newcomers and our companies.

One of the families who have received help to establish themselves in Billund is Tomasz and Maria Jankowski and their boy.

The Jankowski couple originally come from Poland, and they have lived in Rødovre for many years, with a workplace in Copenhagen. When the family expanded with a small son, Tomasz and Maria decided they wanted to give the child a upbringing closer to nature and away from the city noise.

They actually had a look at a place in Ringsted, but that would mean a far too long transport time back and forth to their jobs in Copenhagen. This meant that they began to look a little beyond Zealand's borders, with a job change in mind.

The pieces fell into place for the family when, after a visit to Legoland, they decided to take a closer look at Billund city and the nature around it. They liked what they saw, and could see good opportunities for both jobs and for their son's schooling and upbringing.

Since they also visit family in Poland a couple of times a year, and generally travel a lot, they saw it as a big plus that there is an international airport close by.

They quickly decided to go on a house hunt in Billund.

House purchase in Billund
In June 2020, they came to Billund for the first time to probe the market. They came back in September where they were to meet with the settlement consultant and the real estate agent. “Marianne from Billund Erhverv has helped us a lot. She told us about the school opportunities for our son and about the job opportunities - we could not keep our jobs in Copenhagen. She also explained to us about what the future looked like for Billund Municipality, about the urban development that is underway in Billund and about all the opportunities that exist in the municipality. It has been incredibly nice to be able to reach out to Marianne when we had questions about big and small, ”says Tomasz.

The Jankowski family bought, at the first showing, a townhouse with takeover on the first of December 2020.

Now things were going well for the young couple.

Back on Zealand, they resigned their positions and apartment and got ready to move to Billund. They moved into their new home at the turn of the year and already on February 1, Tomasz started in his new job at a temp agency. As a trained electrician, he did not have a hard time finding work, and already after a few months as a temporary worker, he was hired.

Maria has a degree as a waiter and barrister, and just a few months after her husband got a job, she landed a good job in the restaurant business.

The Jankowski family has now lived in Billund for a little over a year, and they have at no time regretted their brave choices.
Billund is everything they had hoped for. It is a lovely town where they feel really comfortable and where their son gets the safe upbringing they as parents would give him. They have nature close by and they enjoy taking around the whole municipality, which they think is incredibly beautiful and versatile.

“We hope that others will also open their eyes to how beautiful it can be outside the big cities. Billund has a lot to offer, and we can only encourage others who move with tanks to jump into it ", concludes Maria and Tomasz.

Together with UdviklingVejen, Billund Erhverv focuses on spin off as a growth method, and you can help nominate and pay tribute to the best spin off companies in our area.

The criteria for being nominated are the following:

  • Independent CVR no. Max. 5 years old.
  • Resident in Billund - or Vejen municipality, but does not have to be a member of the business associations.
  • Established on the basis of experience / knowledge from another company.

Spin off company is understood as an independently established company and business area, cf. the above, which is spun out of an established company.

If you want to nominate a spin off company, send your proposal to Billund Erhverv, Susanne Gren Svendsen - no later than 4 August 2022.

Together with UdviklingVejen, we will hold the event "Spin off - Motorvejen til Vækst" in Vejen on 30 August 2022, where we will nominate this year's Spin off Company 2022.

We look forward to seeing you.


You can sign up by following the link here.

On 1 January 2022, Kim Buchhave Søgaard started the company Buchhave Rådgivning.

Based on his many years of experience as an employee in various jobs related to production, urban development and construction, Kim - who has a degree in engineering in construction - has seized the opportunity to start a consulting company.

Kim has been employed in both the public and private sectors. Here he has been able to observe how society has changed significantly in the direction that there is an increasing focus on sustainability, and he has seen how it affects companies.

There are expectations that companies must be sustainable and "green", and there are still more environmental legal requirements that must be complied with. The large corporations have the muscle to work with it themselves, but with the smaller companies it is more difficult. Here, Kim has seen a need and an untapped market potential.

Buchhave Rådgivning focuses on small and medium-sized companies as customers, and can help and support them in solving a number of tasks so that sustainability, green transformation and environmental management are put into practice.

The group of SME companies is found in all industries, but Kim's experience from many years in the construction industry and production business, as well as knowledge of e.g. materials in a sustainable perspective provide a natural starting point to look especially in the direction of companies in this industry.

It is especially the last 7 years' employment with Kirkegaard Byggeri A / S and Kirkegaard Woodshop A / S that has really aroused and sharpened Kim's business idea, as it became clear what challenge small and medium-sized companies will face. should solve the coming years in terms of documentation of their green transition process and sustainable direction.

Buchhave Rådgivning can thus be seen as a form of spinoff business. A spinoff company can be defined as a real new company, where the entrepreneur was employed in an existing company in the same industry, the year before the spinoff company was started.

Buchhave Rådgivning is well on its way to solving tasks for a number of local companies, so that they can be at the forefront and be equipped for the challenges of the future. Buchhave Rådgivning is not a competitor to the company Kim was employed in, but it was here at Kirkegaard Byggeri and Kirkegaard Woodshop that it became clear that many SMEs lack resources and support to solve the tasks within sustainability and the green transition. . Here, Buchhave Rådgivning can contribute and make a difference.

Facts about Spinoff 

  • Spinoff is the term for a new independent business that is based on knowledge and skills from an existing company (called the parent company).
  • The idea for a spinoff can come from both owners, managers or employees from the parent company.
  • Spinoff companies are 23 percent more likely to become a growth company than traditional start-ups.

The initiative "Spinoff - the road to growth", which is implemented in a collaboration between Billund Erhverv and UdviklingVejen, is supported with funds from the Danish Business Promotion Board.
If you have a business idea that can be spun out as a business, then finally get in touch.

Through the Spinoff project, we can help you move forward with the idea. This can, for example, be about access to specialized advice, capital, mentors or something completely different, all depending on the specific need.
Contact person - business developer Susanne Gren Svendsen, tel. 9282 6965.