Filskov Kro was full when Billund Erhverv gathered for this year's general meeting on 20 March.

In addition to approval of the annual accounts, briefing on the budget, etc. four board members were up for election.

Up for election were Jeppe Hebsgaard Laursen – Zebicon, Martin Ebmark – Billund Airport Hotel, Stern Johansen – KG Hansen and Jesper Jensen – Skouniverset who all received re-election.

For the alternate positions, Marianne Thorø, Billund Online and Kira Lykke Reher, MF Energi received re-election.

A resolution was approved at the general meeting that the titles of the chairman and deputy chairman will be changed from now on to chairman of the board and deputy chairman of the board respectively.

At the subsequent constitution, director Jeppe Laursen, Zebicon was again appointed as board leader and Anne-Mette Sørensen, Idento Group as continued deputy board leader.

Director Jeppe Hebsgaard Laursen from Zebicon was elected Wednesday evening as board leader for Billund Erhverv.

In his report, chairman Jeppe Laursen touched on the many member-oriented events and activities that the business association has held in the past year, with themes ranging from "the new accounting law", "how we use ChatGPT and artificial intelligence", - and "purchase and sale of your business" to "tourism of the future". He mentioned the new measures within green transition and industrial technology, which are both highly current and also have a great interest among the members.

Jeppe Laursen highlighted the company visits as big draws, and once again congratulated Sealing System, which earlier this year received the Business Promotion Award 2023.

The entrepreneurial efforts and the many measures Billund Erhverv has for newly established companies and future startups also had their place in the report.

Likewise, Billund Erhverv's work with business development of established companies was mentioned, which in 2023 rounded off more than 400 meetings and processes with local companies.

Billund Municipality was mentioned as a very central partner and the chairman of the board spoke about the importance of the tasks Billund Erhverv promises for the Municipality - including "qualified labour", which is closely linked to the efforts to increase settlement. As part of this effort, i.a. mentioned Billund KarriereTour, which in 2023 brought together 500 students from higher education.

The report also highlighted the positive development Billund Erhverv is experiencing on the membership side, with 54 new members joining the association in 2023.

Jeppe Laursen ended the report by telling about the board's work in Billund Erhverv and rounded off by thanking the association's members for their cooperation, support and attention.

"Our committed members are the driving force in Billund Business. It is a pleasure to be board leader of an association where so many contribute actively - and the value it creates is certainly not insignificant. It is the commitment of the members that gives us credibility and credibility when we as an association also seek to inspire our partners and stakeholders and we will do everything we can to continue the positive development" says board leader Jeppe Laursen.

The evening was rounded off with a look into artificial intelligence, when director of the knowledge center Radr Preben Mejer gave an exciting and somewhat awe-inspiring lecture about the electronic future we are already looking into.

The new board can be seen below:

  1. Chairman of the board: director Jeppe Hebsgaard Laursen, Zebicon a/s
  2. Deputy board leader: director Anne-Mette Sørensen, Idento Group
  3. Development director Ronny Kristian Lilienvald, Billund Airport
  4. Director Sune Appel, ES Stålindustri Syd
  5. Company director Stern Johansen, KG Hansen & Sønner a/s
  6. Hotel Manager Martin Ebmark, Zleep Hotel Billund Airport
  7. Director Jesper Jensen, SkoUniverset
  8. Mayor Stephanie Storbank, Billund Municipality
  9. City council member Ann Charlotte Gaardsvig Vilstrup, Billund Municipality

For further information

Jeppe Hebsgaard Laursen
Board leader, Billund Erhverv
T .: 4196 4955

Marie Skov Lillelund
Director, Billund Business
T .: 9282 3605

Billund Varmeværk is facing a rather large investment – ​​on 30 April, the first sod is broken on the construction of a new heating plant at Rugmarken in Billund.

We had a chat with director Jens Enevoldsen about what has all happened at Billund Varmeværk in the past year, and not least what is to happen.

When Jens Enevoldsen took over as director 1 1/2 years ago, he came without remote management experience, as he came from the wastewater industry. The first thing he looked into was; What is the size of Billund Varmeværk? Where are the operational challenges? and what are the customers' needs?

Jens Enevoldsen explains: "We looked into all these boxes, and at an early stage involved Billund Erhverv, who was involved as an active part of the process - because they wanted to include the needs of the profession in the equation, and via Billund Erhverv could we enter into a dialogue with the business community.” He continues: "It turned out that there were many different needs, but what they all had in common was that it was definitely not a problem if the district heating became greener, for some it was even a requirement - so it suited the direction we had set.”

A growing heating plant

Billund Varmeværk had and has a good influx of new customers, and grows annually by approx. 10% Jens Enevoldsen calls the number quite spoiled when it comes to heating plants. "With the increased influx of customers, we must of course also be able to produce more, and combined with a worn-out production apparatus and the business world's desire for greener district heating, a possible expansion was the natural next step that we had to look into," explains Jens and elaborates: "With the setup we had we were fairly locked in - the plant on Højmarksvej was locked in in terms of area and could not be expanded, so we knew that we would probably have to dismantle it soon, Møllevej is also about to be landlocked, i.e. closed off in relation to area expansion and both works also challenge the logistics in relation to e.g. biomass and electricity – just to mention a few individual things. But luckily we have a plant out on the Rye Field, and there we could get pretty much all the energy we could use - so we knew pretty quickly where our new plant would be located."

With an extension of the plant on Rugmarksvej and a new transmission line to Højmarksvej, it will be possible to supply the entire city with heat, as well as future-proofing, so that you are ready to supply an airport expansion and the establishment of new industry. "We thought at the time that what we were planning was a bit oversized - but it has turned out not to be. It matches quite well the future Billund is looking into.” it comes from Jens Enevoldsen.

Common direction with BMC

When Jens Enevoldsen came to Billund Varmeværk, it was together with 2 other new employees in the management. The management team then consisted of 4 people with very different backgrounds, and they now had to find common ground and direction.

Together with a business developer from Billund Erhverv, they created a Business Model Canvas. "It was a really good exercise for us," says Jens Enevoldsen and concludes: "The fact that we sat down around a table to find out how this store actually works in a district heating segment gave us a common understanding of , what tasks there were.”

The new heating plant at Rugmarken is scheduled to be completed by the 2025/26 heating season and will cost DKK 300 million. DKK

The plant will be ready for the volatile electricity market of the future with an increased heat accumulation tank of 10.000M3

If you want to know more about Business Model Canvas, contact business developer Lars Gadgaard on 9215 1142 and

On Monday 18 March, Billund Erhverv formed the framework for a course where a team of logistics economist students from UCL Business Academy and Professional College in Vejle had to work with logistical issues from two local companies for 12 hours - the course is therefore also called Inno12.

In addition to the logistical part, both issues also had a sustainability perspective.

One of the two local companies was the transport and forwarding company HT Transport, which wanted input on a solution regarding the transition to electric trucks on a fixed route. What will the changeover mean for employees, service, finances and environmental impact? This was the overall problem that the students helped HT Transport find possible answers to.

Clothing manufacturer and retailer Zizzi came up with a completely different problem. Here it was about how to reduce the number of return packages with a focus on reducing return logistics for online sales of swimwear. The return packages today constitute a major resource drain in the company, and this applies both in relation to finances, labor and from a sustainability perspective.

Prior to the Inno12 course on 18 March, the students had been introduced to the companies' problems and have worked with their solution models in class. They started the day by presenting their preliminary results to the companies, who provided feedback, constructive criticism and gave input on how they could imagine the students could work further with their solutions during the day.

Martin Strøm Jespersen – Logistics & Warehouse Manager, Zizzi

Jørgen Poulsen – Chairman of the Board, HT Transport

Chairman of the board of HT Transport Jørgen Poulsen calls the collaboration with UCL a pure win-win: "In relation to electric trucks, we don't have a lot of knowledge - but we know it's coming. Right now, it would be a very large expense to acquire an electric truck and the infrastructure is also a big challenge, so it is really good to get completely fresh eyes on the issues – eyes that might be able to see some things that the rest of us don't seen. So it gives us as a company a lot, just as it is good for the students to work with real things.” He continues: "And then it may be that there are some of the students who want to come back to our company when they either need an internship or are looking for work after graduation."

"For us, it's about being involved while you have some young fresh minds who want to be inspired and have some concrete examples, but for us it's also about getting out and finding these nuggets of gold that come from outside, and which you might not see for yourself, because you might get a little bit eaten up over time.” says Martin Strøm Jespersen, Logistics & Warehouse Manager at Zizzi.

Martin likes that the setup is very concrete and not so high-flying: "Also, the fact that you work with something in practice and you can use it almost immediately, the moment you start working on it - I think that's super interesting .”

Clothing manufacturer and retailer Zizzi came up with a completely different problem. Here it was about how to reduce the number of return packages with a focus on reducing return logistics for online sales of swimwear. The return packages today constitute a major resource drain in the company, and this applies both in relation to finances, labor and from a sustainability perspective.

Prior to the Inno12 course on 18 March, the students had been introduced to the companies' problems and have worked with their solution models in class. They started the day by presenting their preliminary results to the companies, who provided feedback, constructive criticism and gave input on how they could imagine the students could work further with their solutions during the day.

Amar – Logistics economics student, UCL Vejle

Lene Buhl – Study coordinator, UCL Vejle

Amar, who is one of the participating students, gets a lot out of a course like Inno12: "It's great that we are working on real problems - something taken from real life. After all, at school we mostly work with theory, so it is incredibly educational to work so closely with a company that has a real problem that needs to be solved.”

Study coordinator Lene Buhl agrees with Amar: "In the study, it's very much about theory, fictitious tasks and small cases - what it's about at an event like Inno12 is that you link theory and practice, i.e. these are concrete issues, where the students then get the opportunity to use the theoretical toolbox they have learned in the course, and then find out how it can be used in the real world.” She adds: "And of course it's more fun to do tasks that are concrete and where you can ask the companies directly, rather than sitting with theoretical tasks where you don't have the opportunity to ask about anything."

Like Jørgen Poulsen from HT Transport, Lene Buhl also thinks about the slightly more long-term perspectives in collaborating with the companies. "During a day like today, some relationships may be created that can lead to student jobs or internships - the companies can get to know the students in a slightly different way than by receiving an application."

The students ended the day by presenting their solution proposals to the two companies, who could take home concrete examples, inspiration and new ideas.

Both HT Transport and Zizzi were impressed by what the students were able to calculate in a very short time, and especially the quality of the thinking behind it, and the immediate usability of the solution models garnered great praise, and both companies took home ideas that they could continue working with.

With the collaboration, Billund Erhverv wants both to inspire companies and students for new solutions and to create a more practical approach to innovation collaborations.

"The logistics industry faces major competitive challenges and opportunities in the coming years, and with these collaborations we want to help push the solutions.

In addition to the desire for innovative solutions to specific problems, it is also our goal to create a good relationship between the students and our local companies, with a view to possible future collaborations." says director of Billund Erhverv Marie Skov Lillelund.

3. Students from the Innovation and Marketing department at Grindsted Gymnasie- and Erhvervsskole have spent the last months on a course that ended with participation in the Company Program competition, which is held by the Foundation for Entrepreneurship.

The students started their course with a visit to Billund Erhverv's entrepreneurial branch GROW Startup in October 2023, where the 8 teams each presented their business ideas to our business developers, who gave them constructive feedback.

Subsequently, Billund Erhverv visited the students in mid-January, where they had made a good start with their products and had the prototypes ready. Teacher Martin Finderup Andersen explains how the process is put together: "The initial rounds in the Company Program are held in January, where the students pitch their business idea to a panel of judges. Here it may be that some of the teams go on to a regional championship. After the regional championship, a Danish championship is held, and then a European championship." says Martin and continues with a smile: "For it not to be a lie, we actually had a team here from the school that won the Danish championship - so the students have something to live up to".

Good with professional sparring

Martin Finderup Andersen would also like to put into words the background for why it is good for the students to participate in the competition: "The good thing about this is that the students are allowed to take responsibility for something they have to develop themselves, and they have to stand to account for it at some point.” He continues: "What can be difficult is that they themselves have to be responsible for all the planning and execution, I of course hold their hand a little to start with, but otherwise they are completely self-driving, and therefore it is really nice that we can come out to, for example, Billund Erhverv for some sparring.”

"What is really important for the students is the certainty that their business ideas are not unrealistic and are worth working on," explains Martin Finderup Andersen and adds: "The good thing about coming out to Billund Erhverv and also facing the judges is, that you never meet anyone with a no-hat on, there is always a positive response - and I think that helps promote the desire to develop something yourself. And then the students get to know that if they ever jump into being entrepreneurs and want to start something themselves, they can always turn to us and get help and sparring, and I think I can do that".

One of the teams that is in full swing with their product when we visit consists of Emma, ​​Maj, Ditte and Johanne, and their business idea is based on their own environment, Emma explains: "I think it's exciting to be involved to develop something that deals with our pains – that is, something that affects one, and that one can then help to do something about it.” Maj adds: "And it will be great for the competition, whether it is actually a really good idea and whether there is potential in it".
Neither Emma, ​​Maj, Ditte nor Johanne had immediately thought that they would have to be entrepreneurs right away, but if their idea is sustainable, that may well change. "If you could then find a business partner, it would do a lot," Ditte explains and concludes: "It would be important that we could find someone with experience that we can lean on - after all, we only go to 3.G, so there there is still much we do not know”.

Teacher Martin Finderup Andersen

From left: Emma, ​​Maj, Ditte and Johanne

4 teams advanced

Before the initial round of the Company Programme, which took place on 25 January, the students pitched their business ideas to the business developers Paul-Erik Hensgen and Lars Gadgaard from Billund Erhverv – they were both pleasantly surprised by the rather high level. "There are some really good ideas among them and the students have also got a handle on their pitch, and have become sharp at both presenting and answering questions - I easily believe that there are some of them who can go on to the regional championship." said Paul-Erik Hensgen after the students had pitched, and he was right - as many as 4 out of the 8 teams went on to the regional championships, which will be held on 14 March in Odense.

If you want to know more about becoming an entrepreneur or how to pitch, you can contact business developer Paul-Erik Hensgen on 9215 0109 and

The business promotion award 2023 was awarded when Billund Erhverv held the annual New Year's cure.

200 business partners and members of Billund Erhverv gathered on 25 January for a New Year's party, where, as usual, the Business Promotion Award was handed out, which this year went to the Grindsted company Sealing System A/S.

The award was motivated by the fact that Sealing System, which moved to Grindsted in 2017, has gone through a really nice and positive development and is also very visible in Billund municipality. The company has managed to come through corona strong and is now looking forward to a new and interesting ownership structure. Both Rolf Tange and Kjeld Østergaard Jensen are dedicated business managers who know their business and are also not afraid to get involved and support locally.

Among other things, Sealing System has been involved in the Billund Career Tour and has opened the doors to the local business community, where they share both insight and knowledge from their production and processes. Sealing System has also taken the lead in several development collaborations, which are helping to move the industry.

Since 2003

The business promotion award has been awarded since 2003 and is given to a company, an association or a private person, in recognition of a special effort that promotes the business world. Behind the award are Vestjysk bank, Billund Municipality, JydskeVestkysten and Billund Erhverv, who want to recognize those who do something extraordinary for development in the municipality.

'We want to pay tribute to our local heroes - those who do something special to strengthen our business development in the area. We emphasize that the person, association or company that receives the Business Promotion Award both runs a proper business and also does it with the heart in the right place' says chairman of Billund Erhverv Jeppe Laursen.

At the presentation, a retrospective was shown of the last 20 years' recipients of the award, who all have in common that they have shown a special commitment and strengthened the municipality's growth and development.

Photo: René Lind Gammelmark

See or rewatch the highlights from Billund Erhverv's New Year's cure 2024

Jørgen Guldager is one of Billund Erhverv's many mentors, and as a serial entrepreneur he knows how important it is to get off to a good start.

In his time, Jørgen helped start up the wholesale company Agrometer, he has got Marmorline for Grindsted, he has run an art gallery both at home and in Blåvand, and then he has started a myriad of what he himself calls small projects.

"I have always had an interest in being curious about starting something new, and I recently made a small count," says Jørgen Guldager and continues: "I have been involved either as owner, part owner or member of the board of almost 20 companies.”

Jørgen Guldager calls himself an entrepreneurial type, and he wants to bring his entrepreneurial experience into play with new entrepreneurs, so that he can help them get started as best as possible.

"I think over time you acquire some ability to see if a business model can work, or if you just have to be a little careful," says Jørgen, who has also gotten off to a bad start himself. He says with a smile: "Yes, it has given you a hard time at times, but it is also a valuable experience that you can share. "

Billund Erhverv has 17 mentors attached, all of whom can guide new entrepreneurs and help them find their way around life as a self-employed person.

If you are an entrepreneur and would like to hear more about Billund Erhverv's mentoring scheme, you can contact business developer Paul-Erik Hensgen on 9215 0109 and

You can find all our mentors here

In 2018, Mads Kejlberg studied engineering at VIA University College in Horsens. In the same year, the school participated in Billund KarriereTour TECH, which at the time still went by the name Billund Tech Tour.

One of the places Mads had to visit that day was Davinci 3D in Billund, and that visit ended up meaning a lot for his career and place of residence.

"The year after the visit to Billund, we had to apply for an internship, and then I remembered that it was really cool at Davinci in terms of technology," says Mads Kejlberg, who continues with a smile "I myself had a healthy interest in 3D printing and had built my own printer at home and things like that, and then I agreed with myself that I wanted to apply for an internship here - and I got it. It ended up being really good! I was allowed to try a lot of different things – from participating in customer visits to outright engineering work.”

When Mads started his internship at Davinci 3D, it happened almost at the same time as there was a leap in the technological development in 3D printing. The industry began to use 3D printing to a greater extent, but there were not yet many providers of 3D printing in high end quality, there were actually only 3 major providers here in Denmark. Mads Kejlberg explains: "There were many who offered FDM print, which you also know from schools, they have a lot of printers standing around, which just run all the time, so it is difficult to compete with them. At Davinci, we focused on the more expensive solutions that require a little more capital and concentrated on series production rather than just prototypes.”

When Mads has finished his internship, he is offered a student assistant job, where he gets a computer to take home and can help with various construction tasks from home while he completes his education. "It then happens that the engineer who is in the company quits, and then it ends up that most of the construction tasks fall to me, at the same time as I am writing my bachelor's, so I got a lot of work alongside my studies .” says Mads, and elaborates: "It meant that I got a start on a number of good projects and got various clients going, then it was somewhat in the cards that after completing my education I would have to come out to Davinci 3D to start the engineering department properly up again.”

Davinci 3D had in the meantime become part of SP Group, and it was obvious that the Billund company would function as SP Group's development house, Mads Kejlberg talks about the changes: "We again had to have more engineers in-house, and we have then got slightly different employees with specialties in plastics, construction and calculations.”

Today, Mads Kejlberg is a team leader at Davinci 3D and he has helped recruit new employees in connection with the Billund Career Tour.

He recommends other tech companies to join Billund KarriereTour: "If you need to recruit, or perhaps just want to draw attention to your company in relation to relevant fields of study, Billund KarriereTour is really good. You come into contact with young people who have just finished their education and who are hungry for good jobs. That is really good."

Mads Kejlberg is sure that he has landed in the right place, and he decided to move to Billund with his family this summer.

"I was commuting back and forth between Horsens and Billund, and as I got bigger areas of responsibility, a little more hours were also put in at the workplace. It became difficult for me to feel that I was present enough at home, well enough I was on when I got home, but when there is only an hour and a half before the kids go to sleep, you don't get much out of it. .” it comes from Mads. "Billund is a city with many workplaces, and that helped us dare to move here. My wife is currently on maternity leave with the youngest, but she already has a job in mind. And after all, Billund is a fantastic city for the children – they have settled in quickly, and once the children have settled in, it is also easier for us adults to make our lives work.”

"And it's almost Halloween!". Mads lights up with a broad smile: "You have to say that - here in Billund, you really get into Halloween. Because there are so many internationals living in Billund, there are more people who like it. So it was a bit of an experience to have the big boy out and rustle with him, even though he probably got a little scared once in a while - it was a huge experience."

Billund KarriereTour is organized by Billund Erhverv and is held every autumn. There are 2 tracks in the Billund Career Tour, respectively TECH, which is aimed at students within the tech industry, and TOURISM, which is targeted at students within the experience industry.

If you want to know more about Billund KarriereTour, you can contact Marianne K. Thomsen from Billund Erhverv at and 2269 2498.

As part of DI's annual business friendliness survey, in 2023 there has been an increased focus on international labor in recognition that this is of increasing importance for e.g. companies' opportunity for growth. The lack of qualified labour, both skilled and highly specialized, is indicated by many companies as the biggest obstacle to growth and the companies want the municipalities to focus on this.

At Billund Erhverv, we also have a strong focus on attracting qualified labor, both by making visible the many opportunities for jobs in the municipality for students through, for example, Billund CareerTour Tech and Billund CareerTour Tourism and through Settlement Coordinator Marianne Thomsen's daily work of providing hands-on help to the companies' new employees from near and far. International employees in particular need help in the process of moving to Denmark and navigating the Danish system, but companies can also get help in this process. And we are delighted that the companies in Billund Municipality show great satisfaction with the service available in Billund Municipality.

In Billund Municipality, 15% of employees are international compared to a national average of 12%, and we are only just below the Copenhagen area, where 16% of employees are international. This is a development from 6% in 2012 to 15% in 2023, and there is no indication that this development will stop here. 'I find that several small and medium-sized companies contact me because they are either considering or have employed employees from abroad' says Marianne Thomsen, '..and many come here with their families'. Often the employees have been referred to the settlement coordinator through networks at the workplace, but there are also local companies that book an appointment for their newly hired international employees as soon as they are on their way to Denmark, so that they can get a good start in Billund Municipality - and thus hopefully choosing to stay.

On 26 October, Billund KarriereTour TECH was held, where almost 250 students from VIA Aarhus, VIA Horsens, SDU, Aarhus University, Business Academy Dania, EASV, Rybners, UCL and Business Academy Midwest visited 8 companies in Billund municipality.

On 9 November it was the experience industry's turn, when 250 students from Erhvervsakademi Aarhus, Erhvervsakademi Dania, UCL and Erhvervsakademi SydVest participated in Billund CareerTour TOURISM.

It was a fantastic few days, where interest and enthusiasm were constantly in the air - you could really feel the students' enthusiasm for their subject.

In the afternoon, everyone met at Billund Erhverv (TECH) and LEGO House (TOURISM), where a small hour of mini fair was planned, where the companies were represented with a stand, so that the students could clarify the last questions and make contact with possible future employers.

That's what the students say
Valdemar Sommer

Mechanical engineer – VIA Horsens

"It was a really nice day. I got to talk to several of the companies here at the end, and got good ideas for future projects.”

Tippi Lyndrup

Mechanical engineer – Aarhus University

"It was super exciting to see the differences between the smaller companies' production apparatus and then LEGO, and then it was great to have a meeting here at the end, where you could talk to companies and other students."

Ahmad Ishmael

Production technologist – EAMV Herning

"It was an interesting tour around the various companies, and there was a lot of information - and it's pretty cool to talk to the companies at the end."

Nadja Blytner

Service economics – Aarhus Business Academy

"It was great to feel that the companies were interested in it and really want us to come to them, and it was really great that there were a number of technical terms we could understand. And then it was nice to get a look behind the scenes"

Andreas V Knudsen

IHM student – ​​UCL

"You got a lot of information and insight you don't normally get, and then there were good insights into history. The companies were good at answering questions.”

The companies the students visited were:

Billund Career Tour TECH
Anmasi, Billund Aquaculture, CK Produktion, Davinci 3D, HN Group, LEGO, Stansomatic and Zebicon.

Billund Career Tour TOURISM
LEGOLAND, LEGOLAND Hotel, Lalandia and LEGO House.

Billund Career Tour is organized by Billund Erhverv and supported by Billund Municipality and Ole Kirk's Fond.

If you have any questions about the organizational aspects of the Billund Career Tour, you can contact Marianne K. Thomsen at mkt@billunderhverv and 2269 2498.