"If Danish companies are to grow and compete on the global stage, they will need more specialized and competent international labor and Danish labor with global skills.” In short and precisely, DI expresses the challenge facing Danish companies.

In the Triangle area, we are fortunately already well underway with this development.

Billund Municipality takes first place in the Triangle area, as the municipality where the companies have the most international employees - in fact, as much as 14,9% of the workers in Billund Municipality are non-Danish in origin. It is far above the national average of 11,8% and is on par with the capital area and the municipalities bordering the Danish-German border.

Vejen Kommune comes just after Billund with 14,0%, as there are also several large companies that depend on hiring international employees. The international employees in the Triangle area are characterized by being largely employed within industry (Billund 52,1% and Vejen 38,7%). Other industries include Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing and Construction & Construction.

The international immigrants to Billund Municipality also largely reflect the statistics both locally and nationally in relation to which countries we get the most employees from. Of the 1725 ​​immigrants who came to the municipality in 2021, 157 were from Romania and 54 from Poland – the two largest groups apart from Danes.

The recruitment of international employees requires an extra effort from the recruiter, as there are several administrative and legal tasks for which the employer is responsible, in accordance with the legislation - especially if the employee is from a non-EU/EEA country. Fortunately, there is help available, e.g. at DI and DE, if you are a member. Otherwise, the local settlement consultant can often help you find the right contacts for e.g. The Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI).

At Billund Erhverv, local companies can also find help and guidance for the actual process of getting the international employee correctly registered AND all the other things that come up when you move to another country and have to make an everyday life work with housing , institutions, networks, etc. Some need to have this clarified already BEFORE they accept a possible job on the other side of the world, and therefore settlement coordinator Marianne Thomsen can also be contacted by both future employee and company already early in the employment process.

Contact Marianne Thomsen at mkt@billunderhverv.dk and 2269 2498.

Tiril received free sparring and guidance from Billund Erhverv when she had to start a business.

At Stakroge Jern- og Metalopkøb, a workshop at Billund Erhverv got started with the CO2 accounts.

Now, a number of opportunities will soon open for you to apply for grants for the work with green conversion in your company.

Consulting and Investment

The 26. april opens the pool SME: Green 2.0, where you can apply for a grant for new investments and/or advice on the road to a green transition. The pool is a voucher scheme where companies can apply for up to DKK 300.000 in total grants for investments, for advice or a combination thereof with the aim of progressing on the green journey towards reducing resource consumption and waste volumes.

The pool is open for applications from 26 April. 2023, at 09:00 to 10 May 2023, at 13:00.

You can read more about the pool here SME: Green 2.0 | The business program, where you can also register for one of the webinars that are held.

Competence development

The 10. May opens the pool SME: Green competences, where you can apply for grants of up to DKK 60.000 for individual and tailored competence development course targeted to the needs of your company. The options in the tailored voucher are many. It can be training courses for employees, managers and/or the board, on-the-job training, mentoring or traditional sidekick training.

Companies with a specific, targeted competence need, which can be raised through standard offers or already existing courses, will also be able to apply for grants of up to DKK 60.000.

The pool is open for applications from 10 to 24 May 2023.

You can read more about the pool here SME: Green Competences | The business program where you can also register for one of the webinars that are held.

New skills for a development task

If you need to hire an employee who can work on a special project, e.g. in connection with the work with green transition, then hiring a growth pilot might be an option. It may be that you need an employee who will work with the development of a green, circular strategy, the development and implementation of new processes that support the company's green transition - or something else entirely.

The SME: Growth pilot pool is already open and here you have the opportunity to get a grant for hiring a growth pilot who can help with a development project and bring new skills into your company.

Through the pool, you can get a 50% subsidy for labor costs for up to six months for hiring a growth pilot. Max. DKK 15.000 per month – DKK 90.000 for the entire period. You can read more about the pool here  SME: Growth pilot | The business program, where you can also register for informational webinars

Consulting on digitization

Digitization can also be an important tool in the green transition. The 12. april opens the SME:Digital pool, where you can apply for a grant of DKK 50.000 for private advice that can help you clarify needs, describe digital solutions on the market and advise you regarding implementation.

The grant is targeted at areas where there are well-tested digital solutions on the market, but where you need help choosing the right solution for your company. You can get help to clarify your company's needs, for example by mapping out work processes before purchasing a new technology. You can also get advice on how to put the new technology into operation. That way, you can get your project right on target.

You can get help digitizing administrative processes such as financial management, customer and order management and inventory management. You can also get help to build or develop online sales and marketing. This could be, for example, advice for a project about the start-up of a webshop, sales on online marketplaces or marketing on social media. You can read more about the pool here Subsidy for private advice of DKK 50.000 | SME: Digital

The pool opens for applications on 12 April 2023 at 9.00:XNUMX a.m.

If you are considering applying, you can take part in one of the webinars held - Webinars | SME: Digital

If you have questions about any of the subsidy options, you can contact business developer Susanne Gren Svendsen on 9282 6965 and sgs@billunderhverv.dk.

Remember also that you can register for the network meeting Sustainability = Competitiveness on 19 April, where you can be inspired by how two local companies work with sustainable business operations, and find out more about the options for applying for grants for green conversion.

Billund Erhverv can now offer companies help to set a direction for the work with green transition - we call it Grøn Kickstart.

In all its simplicity, it involves uncovering where the company stands in relation to sustainability, the green transition and the demands the company will face in the coming years.

It is the consulting company Buchhave Rådgivning that carries out a screening, and the first companies have already gone through the process.

One of the companies that has been helped to start the green transition is SunAir Aviation Group. They have had 3 sessions with Kim Søgaard from Buchhave Rådgivning, and COO Martin Fløe Bjerregaard is happy with the help: "The course has helped to set a lot of thoughts and ideas in motion. Now it is up to us as a company to use this advice to move forward with the project and get it systematized and thereby get an overview of where we stand and create fertile ground for future work with sustainability.”

"It has been absolutely right for SunAir Aviation Group to have this screening carried out" says Martin Fløe Bjerregaard, and continues "In addition to the requirements we are already subject to, we would like to be at the forefront in the areas we are not currently subject to, but which we expect will come within the coming years. In this regard, Kim has been a good help in taking the first step on the road."

The advice typically consists of three meetings with the company, where you first uncover what the company associates with sustainability and green transition, and what thoughts you have had on the subject and where you expect to move towards.

Based on the coverage and the strategic considerations and possible sustainable measures, which topics and areas the company can continue to work on are reviewed, and an overview of approvals/certifications, education and support opportunities etc. is prepared which may be relevant to the company.

Grøn Kickstart is an offer for Billund Erhverv's member companies.

Contact business developer Susanne Gren Svendsen on tel. 9282 6965 og sgs@billunderhverv.dk if you want to know more about Grøn Kickstart.

There is money in thinking green and sustainably

Everyone talks about Danish business being in the driver's seat in the green transition – but how do you do it in practice?

We know that green transformation and sustainability are becoming a decisive competitive parameter, and more and more companies in all industries are feeling the increasing demands from customers, authorities and the outside world. There has been an increasing general interest in sustainability and more demands for increased documentation in relation to products' environmental footprint.

Billund Erhverv's most distinguished task is to strengthen the growth and development of local companies, therefore full speed is now being put into knowledge about the possibilities for sustainable business operations. It requires new ways of looking at the business, and new thoughts about how it is integrated into the company.

A local business network - Green Competitiveness - is now being established, which will strengthen companies' knowledge and provide sparring in thinking green and sustainably in a busy everyday life.

"It's the same conditions for everyone, so now is the time to seize the opportunity and take your company a big step forward - the green transition cannot be avoided," says business developer Lars Gadgaard from Billund Erhverv, who together with Susanne Gren Svendsen stands ready to help companies create green competitiveness.

The ambitions are different, but the essential thing is to draw up a plan to move the company in a more sustainable direction, where the aim is to achieve competitive advantages for the benefit of the company's bottom line.

"We are starting with a series of focused morning meetings that can strengthen companies' green competitiveness - here the topics will be of a different nature, but the main theme is that your company must be greener for the sake of business," says Lars Gadgaard.

The first network meeting is already taking place on 08 March 2023, where the topic is the business opportunities in utilizing waste and residual products. In this option, many companies have already found money in thinking green and sustainably. Billund Erhverv has invited the Technological Institute and the consulting house Zeal, which will inspire and challenge in making better, more long-term and sustainable decisions for the company. Here you will, among other things, draw on experiences from the project Wastelife which the Industry Foundation and the Technological Institute are behind..

The Green Competitiveness Network is intended as short inspirational meetings for companies regardless of industry and size, and is both for those who have already started the green "journey" and those who are considering the possibilities. You can participate in the meetings that are relevant to your company.

Future themes include; Optimizing energy consumption, Subsidy options, Requirements from the bank, Requirements as a subcontractor, Greenwashing, Attracting labour, LCA documentation in construction, Climate-ready production, Further training of employees for green and sustainable development, etc.

The inspiration meetings are a free offer for ALL businesses in Billund municipality.

You can register for the first green network meeting here.

The business award was presented to a company which, with an extraordinary development, has contributed to business development in Billund municipality. See the pictures from this year's New Year's cure

In order to be able to organize the best possible business effort, we conducted a questionnaire survey among the municipality's businesses in November.

After 40 years at Billund Trav, which was due to close at the end of 2021, their bookkeeper Susanne Møbjerg decided to start as an independent with her own company - Møbjerg Regnskab.

Susanne Møbjerg could have continued with the same job function as a full-time employee at Danish Horse Racing, but she could see some opportunities in the market and wanted to take up the challenge and start her own company based on experiences from her many years of employment at Billund Trav.

The company was established in October 2020, and the customer group is typically small and medium-sized companies that want help with bookkeeping, accounting and other administrative tasks in relation to e.g. salary, budget follow-up, reports to the public, etc.

"The customer group includes many different types of companies, such as craftsmen, retail trade, sports associations and utilities. These are both established companies and start-ups who need help and advice," says Susanne, who also still has a business relationship with the actors in the trotting world.

Danish Travsport Centralforbund with main organization in Copenhagen is one of the customers of Møbjerg Regnskab, which is a good example of a spin off company that is based on the owner's industry experience.

"In many smaller companies, there is a great need to be able to concentrate on the core task, for example by having various administrative tasks solved by others. At Møbjerg Regnskab, it is possible to purchase this help in a flexible way, which can be adapted to the needs of the individual company," says Susanne and continues "In some companies, there may be a need for permanent help one day a week, while there is other companies only need help a few hours a month”.

Susanne has not done anything special to market the company, yet there has been a good influx of customers from the start, and in mid-2021 the first full-time employee was hired. It is an employee whom Susanne already knew well from her previous job and who also has experience from Billund Trav.

There is a great demand for the services provided by Møbjerg Regnskab, and the amount of customers could easily be increased, but this would require hiring more employees. It is a strategy that Susanne has deliberately opted out of, as it would change her own role in the company, so that it was more of a management function that she had to carry out. It has no interest. She also wants to go out to the customers and help solve the many different day-to-day accounting and administrative tasks that they want help with.

It is important for Susanne Møbjerg that she can vouch for the quality that is delivered to the customers, and she says "I can do that today, as I have full confidence in Sanne Jensen, who is employed".

Finally, Susanne prioritizes that she has a high degree of flexibility, so that there is a good balance between work and spending time with family and other private tasks.

Susanne finds that there are lots of companies that want help with accounting and other administrative tasks, so she can only encourage more people with a background like hers to take the chance and start themselves.

If you want to know more about the spin off, you can contact business developer Susanne Gren Svendsen at sgs@billunderhverv and phone: 9282 6965

At Billund Erhverv, we continuously work to link education and companies, as a basis for recruitment and settlement.

On 21 September, 230 students and their teachers visited Billund's four major tourist attractions and also met some of the municipality's tourism and travel players at stands in the afternoon to talk about internship and job opportunities. The event was well received by the educational institutions and places were sought after. We therefore arranged two other company visits for the approx. 50 students on the waiting list. The evaluations of the day have shown that there was generally great enthusiasm for Billund KarriereTour TOURISM, as the event was called, and that both the students, the teachers and the companies got great value out of participating in the day.

On 31 October 2022, nine production companies in Grindsted and Billund will open their doors to 350 students and teachers from all over the country when Billund KarriereTour TECH is held for the eighth time. Here, the students also get the opportunity to meet the companies at stands after three company visits and, perhaps, get an internship agreement in place.

For one of the former participants on the then Tech Tour, the visit to Billund led to his current job as Production Engineer at Stansomatic.

Mustafa Saad Ahmoudi had four internships on hand when the day was over and his choice fell on Stansomatic, where during his internship he worked on finding an innovative solution to implement a new transport system. A system that Stansomatic subsequently invested in manufacturing and Mustafa was employed after completing his education, which he also completed with top marks.

If you or your company are interested in hosting Billund CareerTour 2023, you are welcome to contact Billund Erhverv at info@billunderhverv.dk or 6915 2176 to hear more about the possibilities.