The green transition is well underway - and before long there will probably be a CO2 tax, which will make it even more attractive to have the green transition implemented in your company.

You can apply for DKK 50.000 in support to further develop your green idea, or DKK 150.000 in support to further develop your green plan.

You can benefit from Voucher 1, as the pool with DKK 50.000 is called, if your company is an SME and relatively new in green conversion, and you want to make the company greener - through advice, investment and competence development.

If you have taken the step further in the green transition, it might be Voucher 2 that might be of interest to you. Voucher 2 is worth DKK 150.000 and is for you who already have a green plan and an ambition to speed up the plans, also through advice, investment and competence development.

The business program SME Green opened for applications on 24 January and the application deadline is 18 February 2022.

Do you have difficulty finding skilled workers for your company?

You can now get help to reach out to the international job market and the specialized skills that you are looking for. You will get your company's job postings in campaigns targeted at international professionals as early as February 2022.
The campaign is targeted as you see below.

Industry / Production (Iron / Metal)
  • Blacksmiths / Blacksmiths / Welders
  • Mechanical workers / industrial technicians
  • Electricity / Automation / Process plants in industry
Building / Construction (Electricians)
  • House installation / cable fitter
  • Building automation / CTS / BMS

You get:

  • Exposure of your vacancies targeted at these international professional groups within the EU
  • Relevant candidates who are pre-screened by our recruitment partner
  • Opportunity to strengthen your company's brand towards potential candidates in the EU
  • Strong ambassador corps with the opportunity for the participation of your employees

Read more here or contact project manager at the Triangle area Louise Willie at

The first campaign runs from February 20 and 8 weeks until April. Deadline for registering your business is on February 7th


The International Skilled Workers project is a strong collaboration across Denmark, which will strengthen the attraction, reception and retention of international skilled workers.

Industrial Internet of Thing (IIoT) refers to interconnected sensors, instruments, and other devices that are networked with the computer's industrial applications, including manufacturing and energy management.

The network creates a forum where users and potential users of IIoT in the Triangle area can meet to learn more about the possibilities of IIoT, discuss solutions and share experiences. The network is a professional network, targeted at those who in everyday life are or could become users of IIoT.

The first speaker in the network will be Lars Mathiesen from Digital Lead, which will inspire us with a presentation on challenges and opportunities / solutions with the Industrial Internet of Things.

If you are interested in participating in the network about IIoT, you are welcome to contact network leader Stine Høgholt,, tel. 92 826 965.

The new inter-municipal, professional network around the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will hold its first meeting on 27 January at 15-17 at Billund ErhvervsFremme.

If you as a company are interested in growth and development, there is now the opportunity for free help and sparring from the Southern Denmark EU office and Billund ErhvervsFremme in the form of an innovation check.

The innovation check, which is free of charge, is designed as a workshop, built on a questionnaire of 50 questions within 6 themes, which the company reviews together with Jesper V. Hansen from The Southern Denmark EU Office and Stine Høgholt from Billund ErhvervsFremme.
Then a report is prepared via a benchmarking system that tells where the company should focus on developing or where there is room for improvement. Finally, the results from the questionnaire and of course the further development of the company are sparred and advised on.

The 6 themes the question frame is based on are:

  • Culture of innovation
  • Business understanding
  • Strategy
  • Structure
  • Capacity and resources
  • Innovation processes

The innovation check will typically involve 2-5 key employees and will include a 3-hour workshop and subsequent joint review of the report.

As a company, you will be able to use the workshop as a supplement or alternative to the strategy day.

If you are interested in the above, please contact Stine Høgholt,; tel. 9282 6965

Through the Future Talent Denmark project, Billund ErhvervsFremme has collaborated with three international students from SDU, who have worked on the problem for three days. "How do we attract international talent who are already in Denmark to the companies in Billund Municipality".

Cadma, Hazhan and Muhammad were given free rein to approach the task in the way they thought made the best sense, and they chose to take as a starting point the group of students who are in higher education in Denmark.

So what can you as a company in Billund municipality do to attract the talent?
Based on interviews with both fellow students and internationals who have already moved to Billund, the three came to the following, which according to them will be able to get students to apply to Billund.

"Students in higher education today are often told that they must find their next job through LinkedIn, and that is why this platform the students orient themselves towards, and this is where they find the job postings they find interesting - or rather they said companies, they find interesting. The students at e.g. the engineering educations know well that they are sought after, and it is only natural for them to make demands on not only job content, but also the company's values, work environment, focus on sustainability, etc. When the company has made itself interesting to the potential new employee, they students emphasize that they think our area has a lot to offer them, such as beautiful nature, good space, an international airport and an international environment. ”

So the answer to our question about how we attract international talent to work in Billund municipality, must be found in the local companies and their attempts to attract new employees through i.a. Linkedin. Not only by focusing on the job content, but also on the values ​​in the company - backed by general information about what opportunities there are in the area to live an active, safe and preferably international life, from which it is easy to get out into the world.

The three students themselves spent a day in Billund together with Settlement Coordinator Marianne Thomsen from Billund ErhvervsFremme, and they were all three very ready to move to the area IF the right job presented itself. "We have already moved to Denmark, so we are not afraid of another move in Denmark," they said. They were particularly attracted to having an international airport close by and that there was potentially an opportunity to have their children in an international school.

At Billund ErhvervsFremme, we have a strong focus on attracting and retaining qualified labor, therefore it was important for us to participate in Future Talent Denmark, which Work-Live-Stay facilitates in 2021 and 2022.

The project involves associating three international students with a company that will work on a problem chosen by the company within three days. The purpose of the project is both to create contact between students and companies and to let companies sniff out what it means to have international employees.

The three students who were affiliated with Billund ErhvervsFremme all come from SDU in Kolding and Sønderborg, respectively, and study marketing, mechatronics and electronics, and they are themselves in the target group that many of our local companies want to hire more employees from.

Here you can read more about Talent for Denmark, or Future Talent Denmark

On November 1, Frank Truelsen started as a new communication and marketing employee at Billund ErhvervsFremme. Frank comes from a similar position at Haderslev Business Council. He is originally trained as a communication graphic artist and has more than 20 years of experience in communication and marketing.

Frank has for many years worked with graphic production, building and designing websites, advertising both online and offline and not least marketing both outside and on social media. The pen fits well on Frank, he is experienced in text writing, press releases, newsletters and telling the good stories.

You can catch Frank at and mob. 9282 3198

A new HR network has seen the light of day in Billund ErhvervsFremme and has just held its first meeting. The network currently consists of of employees from nine very different companies who have HR tasks but do not have a large HR department behind them. The purpose of the network is to develop a local confidential forum for sparring and continuous development of the participants and their companies within the HR area. Should there be more interested among our members, you are welcome to contact Marianne Thomsen on tel. 2269 2498 to find out more.

The desire to share experiences and ask questions was great from the start, and the desire of the participants is to be able to tackle each other with both big and small challenges within their field. Often there will be a topic from a presenter for inspiration and further discussion - this first time about pre- and onboarding, which we all do to some extent, but with advantage could have more focus on to ensure that the new employee as well, quickly and safely as possible become part of the company's culture and get off to a good start with the tasks.

The network has agreed to meet once a quarter, and there is no shortage of ideas for future topics, as HR employees, despite coming from very different companies, are often affected by the same issues and challenges. Recruitment and retention of employees is a focus area for all companies and the challenges in this area have not diminished after the corona.

The Triangle area's business promotion organizations are establishing 7 new professional networks within product, competence and business development.
Thus, every business promotion organization comes with a network.

The need for networks is confirmed by the results of the IRIS Software Group survey for the Triangle area, where more than 165 industrial companies in the Triangle area have answered that they "to a large extent" demand cooperation and sparring in relation to product, competence and general business development.

What we also in Billund ErhvervsFremme experience with the companies is a shift in interest - from curiosity about buzz word - to more concrete action. Therefore, together with the 6 other business offices in the Triangle area, we are now launching some professional networks where we expect to be able to gather competent people for knowledge sharing across companies throughout the Triangle area.

The 7 networks look like this:

Billund ErhvervsFremme -  IIoT Industrial Internet of Things
Business Kolding - AM / 3D, print for product development
UdvijklingVejen -  Digitization of construction
Haderslev Business Council -  Hygienic design
Vejle Business -  CO2 accounting and CSR communication
Business Fredericia -  Sustainable production in the supply chain
Middelfart Business Center - Network is underway

You can find the preliminary information about the start date, etc. on the individual networks.
It is free to join the networks.