Community for digital and sustainable production in the Triangle area

The Triangle area's business promotion organizations are establishing 3 new professional networks within product, competence and business development.

​The need for networking is confirmed by the results of the IRIS Group's study for the Triangle area. Here, more than 165 industrial companies in the Triangle area have responded that they "to a great extent" demand cooperation and sparring in relation to both product, competence and general business development.

What the local business offices are experiencing with the companies is a shift in interest from curiosity about buzz words to more concrete action. Therefore, the 7 business offices in the Triangle area are now launching some professional networks, where we expect to be able to bring together competent people for knowledge sharing across companies in the entire Triangle area.

The value proposition in all networks is professional knowledge sharing and the opportunity for collaboration. It is the participant group that chooses which topics to work on. You can also draw on GTS institutes such as FORCE Technology or the Technological Institute as well as private advisers and the educational institutions. The ambition is that participants at the networks become familiar, close relationships are created, and there is an opportunity for both personal development and development of the companies.

It is free to join the networks.