Kurt Andersen, Camilla Andersen Bojsen and Lucas Rosenhøj Tindbæk took the decision last year to throw themselves into the establishment of a new independent real estate agency in Billund municipality.

A trip to the hot tub during a holiday home laid the seed for the establishment of the BoGodt broker, Kurt Andersen explains with a smile: "We are on a family trip to a holiday home - I am Camilla's uncle and Lucas is her little brother - we sit one evening in the hot tub in Blåvand , and then it sort of comes up that Camilla and Lucas have been thinking about their own real estate agency, and then I said: I just need to hear a little more about that.” and he continues: "Camilla was at the time doing another education, Lucas was doing the broker's education and I was in a very good job. So they had to finish their studies and I had to leave my current position. So from the first conversations in the jacuzzi until we opened here in March 2023, a good year and a half goes by."

Not part of a chain

The BoGodt broker is not part of a larger chain, but is completely independent, and there has never been any doubt that this was what was wanted. "It only took us half an hour to decide that we should be independent" comes from Kurt, and Camilla adds: "There are of course many advantages to being part of a chain, but as an independent you have the freedom to manage your business. Lucas and I have both been associated with larger chains, so we know the pros and cons of the good and the bad – so we quickly decided that we wanted to have our own style and do things our way.”

Being able to do things the way you want is precisely one of the BoGodt broker's greatest strengths. Strong local knowledge and the personal dialogue during the entire house sale are cornerstones of the company, and so it is important for treklovet to be down to earth and at eye level with the customers.

"Lucas and Kurt have actually worn work clothes, and been out to a customer to shine up the garden and home, as the customer did not have the strength to do it themselves" comes from Camilla Andersen Bojsen, and Kurt Andersen adds laughing: "...and Lucas has even given a customer a hug already on the first visit – he has an amazing ability to wade into people with clogs on.”

When you love your work

There is no doubt that the 3 brokers are passionate about what they do. They beam with pride and enthusiasm when they talk about their company and the industry in general. For Lucas Rosenhøj Tindbæk, it is a dream come true. “In 7th grade, when all the other boys wanted to be soccer players or something, I dreamed of becoming a real estate agent. I have a huge interest in homes, and I simply love being allowed to sell a home.” he continues: "A property is a home for the seller, so it is important that you have empathy and manage to put yourself in the seller's place - for many it is really difficult to sell a house that you have lived in for many years. "
Kurt adds: "We have examples of someone we have sold a house for still contacting us or stopping by with a piece of cake - we have simply developed a friendly relationship with several customers. It is simply so nice, and it confirms to us that we are doing something right.”

The BoGodt broker is not afraid to try something new and follow developments, Lucas Rosenhøj Tindbæk elaborates: "There are many things happening around us, and we try to follow along and find out what works for us and what doesn't. For example, the various social media, where new platforms have appeared... We have met several people from the industry who tell us that you should do it this way and that way - but we like to do things in a different and not so conservative way. We decide for ourselves how to market our homes, and I find that liberating. We are keeping pace with the future, and that is going to benefit us.”

100 years of local knowledge

Camilla, Lucas and Kurt believe 100% that the BoGodt broker has a bright future in Billund municipality. Kurt usually says that they have a combined 100 years of local knowledge, and the small family company is already doing well in the order books.

The BoGodt broker got help with the start-up at Billund Erhverv, where business developer Marianne Hestbech Witte has taken the company through a startup process. Kurt Andersen laughs: "Marianne has helped us a lot, but every time we have had a meeting with her, we go home with a lot of new tasks under our arms... it has simply been really good."
Lucas interjects: "We also make a lot of use of the events and the TOOL BOXes, where we get inspiration and knowledge for our marketing in particular."

If you are also thinking about starting your own business, you can contact our business developers Marianne Hestbech Witte at mhw@billunderhverv.dk and 4414 5550, and Paul Erik Hensgen on peh@billunderhverv.dk and 9215 0109.