Entrepreneur benefits in Billund ErhvervsFremme

Thinking of starting your own business? Maybe you are going around with a great idea that you are ready to bet on? Or do you prefer to start a small business next to your employee job?

If you do not know where to start, start at Billund ErhvervsFremme.

Our entrepreneurial consultant has many years of experience starting up and running a business and is ready to talk to you about realizing your particular idea for a new business.

As part of the consultancy, Billund ErhvervsFremme offers a number of free services for entrepreneurs.

1-1 Counseling


Get started with your new business. Billund ErhvervsFremme offers free counseling to anyone considering starting their own business in Billund municipality. We are ready to share our experience of setting up a business and guide you through the process so you don’t have to repeat the initial mistakes of others.

The basis for our advice is always your challenges and issues. We help with:

  • Review of concept
  • Review of * business plan
  • Review of budgets
  • Establishing a road map
  • Finding the right advisors

If you go around with a good business idea, contact us for a free and non-binding talk about how your idea becomes reality.

Information meetings

Local business offices in the Triangle area regularly hold free informational meetings for entrepreneurs. You are free to choose the meeting that suits you and your calendar best. See a current list of upcoming meetings at www.iver.dk. Meetings are held regularly – see more here 

At the meeting you get:

  • Valuable information and tools to help you get started
  • Overview of common pitfalls when starting your own business
  • Introduction to the opportunities for counseling and help for entrepreneurs

All experience shows that the likelihood of success with your company, increases significantly when you use advice and guidance during the start-up phase, so why take the plunge alone when Billund ErhvervsFremme is ready with a parachute?

Advisor database

Find your advisor in the Billund ErhvervsFremmes Advisor Database.

Billund ErhvervsFremme has a strong network of advisors for entrepreneurs and companies with knowledge about legal advice, IT, HR, strategy, sales & marketing, management as well as accounting & auditing. All consultants in the database provide a free clarification interview of 1-2 hours after referral from Billund ErhvervsFremme. Please contact us for more information.

The advisor in Billund ErhvervsFremmes AdviserDatabase are:

Legal advice:
  • EURA A/S
  • Penta Advokater
  • Danske Bank A/S
  • Den Jyske Sparekasse – Billund
  • Handelsbanken i Grindsted
  • Nordea Bank Danmark A/S
  • Sparekassen Kronjylland
  • Sparekassen Kronjylland, Billund Afd.
  • Sydbank, Billund
  • Sydbank, Grindsted
Auditing and accounting
  • AKI Revision ApS
  • Centerrevision Billund – Statsaut. revisionsanpart
  • Deloitte Statsautoriseret Revisionspartnerselskab
  • GG regnskab
  • JL Revisorer
  • KDT Regnskab / Dederthing V/ Karin Dederding Thing
  • Krogh & Thomsen I/S
  • Martinsen Rådgivning & Revision
  • Revision Kjær ApS
  • TalTanja
Management & Strategy
  • Bøgetorp Business Development
  • Mascott Management
HR, recruitment & education
  • Bøgetorp Business Development
  • Confidence Search A/S
  • LMI Danmark A/S
  • Sceneskift.dk
Sales, marketing & PR
  • Mascott Management
IT & websites
Export, engineers & agriculture
Certification, quality, environment, working environment & CSR
  • EURA A/S
  • 3F Varde-Billund
  • DANA

The Tool Box


Make life easier for yourself. Make use of the tools and documents that Billund ErhvervsFremme has collected for the purpose of starting a business in Billund municipality:
Wish List

The to-do list is an aid tool designed to create an overview of the activities and reports etc. that you as an entrepreneur must remember when starting a new business. The list is not necessarily complete, but a good starting point.

Checklist for entrepreneurs

Business Model
In Business Model Canvas you can play with your business model, ie how to make money. It is a good and manageable place to start. Watch a short film about Business Model Canvas here. If it’s hard to relate to, it can often be easier to start with Value Proposition Canvas, you can watch a short movie here.

Business plan

The budget

It is important to have insight into how your business should be connected financially. The budget is thus seen in the context of the business plan and is an indispensable tool – both for yourself and for financial institutions and any other business partners.

The budget forms here should only be considered as auxiliary tools and consist of spreadsheets which give you a first clue as to the cost of setting up, operating and any need for borrowing in a bank.

Establishing Budget

Liquidity budget

Operating budget

You can also get help from a lawyer or accountant if you have a specific question. It is also free if you get a referral from Billund ErhvervsFremme and use one of the advisors in our Advisor Database. Contact Billund ErhvervsFremme for more information