Together for more business

Is your business well established? See here whether Billund Erhverv can still be a relevant sparring partner. We assist e.g. with advice on growth and on new markets. You can also contact us if you just need someone to spar with or want an external look at the opportunities in your business.

Business development

Get professional sparring, and lift your business. We help you with your business development and guide you about your growth opportunities and connect the right resources.

Billund Business Promotion

Growth programs

Get grants to grow.
Billund Erhverv works together with Erhvervshus Syddanmark so that companies in Billund municipality can grow and develop.

Billund Business Promotion

Advisor assistance

Get 1-2 hours of free clarification call.
Among Billund Business's members, you will find a number of specialists who offer advice for both companies and entrepreneurs.

Is your company experiencing adversity?​

Early Warning is an offer that aims to help you and your company in the best possible way if you are threatened with bankruptcy.