The business promotion award 2023 was awarded when Billund Erhverv held the annual New Year's cure.

200 business partners and members of Billund Erhverv gathered on 25 January for a New Year's party, where, as usual, the Business Promotion Award was handed out, which this year went to the Grindsted company Sealing System A/S.

The award was motivated by the fact that Sealing System, which moved to Grindsted in 2017, has gone through a really nice and positive development and is also very visible in Billund municipality. The company has managed to come through corona strong and is now looking forward to a new and interesting ownership structure. Both Rolf Tange and Kjeld Østergaard Jensen are dedicated business managers who know their business and are also not afraid to get involved and support locally.

Among other things, Sealing System has been involved in the Billund Career Tour and has opened the doors to the local business community, where they share both insight and knowledge from their production and processes. Sealing System has also taken the lead in several development collaborations, which are helping to move the industry.

Since 2003

The business promotion award has been awarded since 2003 and is given to a company, an association or a private person, in recognition of a special effort that promotes the business world. Behind the award are Vestjysk bank, Billund Municipality, JydskeVestkysten and Billund Erhverv, who want to recognize those who do something extraordinary for development in the municipality.

'We want to pay tribute to our local heroes - those who do something special to strengthen our business development in the area. We emphasize that the person, association or company that receives the Business Promotion Award both runs a proper business and also does it with the heart in the right place' says chairman of Billund Erhverv Jeppe Laursen.

At the presentation, a retrospective was shown of the last 20 years' recipients of the award, who all have in common that they have shown a special commitment and strengthened the municipality's growth and development.

Photo: René Lind Gammelmark