The company was founded in 2019 by Jens Legarth, who had the idea to use his patented technology to produce healthy plant proteins for use in food.

FERM FOOD is a Danish producer of plant protein ingredients for food based on local protein-rich crops. The company utilizes fermentation technology to create healthy and naturally preserved plant proteins that are economically sustainable for the entire value chain.

The technology is called solid-state lactic acid fermentation and is patented by FERM FOOD's parent company Fermentationexperts, which is also owned by Jens Legarth.

The market for plant proteins is growing, but sales in Danish retail trade are still small compared to sales of conventionally produced meat. According to FERM FOOD, one of the reasons is that plant proteins are too expensive, too difficult to prepare and contain too many artificial additives. Therefore, the plant company FERM FOOD will increase the quality and lower the price.

FERM FOOD's technology differs in that the company uses microorganisms to ferment, and that the process uses less water, no heating and completely avoids drying. Therefore, FERM FOOD's plant protein costs less to produce.

A pilot factory has been built in 2022 at the address in Bække. FERM FOOD is allocated the financial and personnel resources from the parent company to realize the growth potential.

The future
The management at FERM FOOD is determined to build a factory that will also function as a knowledge center for the fermentation of plant proteins. Here, food startups can gain knowledge and the opportunity to make trial productions of new plant protein products.

The company expects that a new plant protein product based on FERM FOOD's patented proteins will be launched in the Danish supermarkets at the end of 2022/early 2023.

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