Filskov Kro was full when Billund Erhverv gathered for this year's general meeting on 20 March.

In addition to approval of the annual accounts, briefing on the budget, etc. four board members were up for election.

Up for election were Jeppe Hebsgaard Laursen – Zebicon, Martin Ebmark – Billund Airport Hotel, Stern Johansen – KG Hansen and Jesper Jensen – Skouniverset who all received re-election.

For the alternate positions, Marianne Thorø, Billund Online and Kira Lykke Reher, MF Energi received re-election.

A resolution was approved at the general meeting that the titles of the chairman and deputy chairman will be changed from now on to chairman of the board and deputy chairman of the board respectively.

At the subsequent constitution, director Jeppe Laursen, Zebicon was again appointed as board leader and Anne-Mette Sørensen, Idento Group as continued deputy board leader.

Director Jeppe Hebsgaard Laursen from Zebicon was elected Wednesday evening as board leader for Billund Erhverv.

In his report, chairman Jeppe Laursen touched on the many member-oriented events and activities that the business association has held in the past year, with themes ranging from "the new accounting law", "how we use ChatGPT and artificial intelligence", - and "purchase and sale of your business" to "tourism of the future". He mentioned the new measures within green transition and industrial technology, which are both highly current and also have a great interest among the members.

Jeppe Laursen highlighted the company visits as big draws, and once again congratulated Sealing System, which earlier this year received the Business Promotion Award 2023.

The entrepreneurial efforts and the many measures Billund Erhverv has for newly established companies and future startups also had their place in the report.

Likewise, Billund Erhverv's work with business development of established companies was mentioned, which in 2023 rounded off more than 400 meetings and processes with local companies.

Billund Municipality was mentioned as a very central partner and the chairman of the board spoke about the importance of the tasks Billund Erhverv promises for the Municipality - including "qualified labour", which is closely linked to the efforts to increase settlement. As part of this effort, i.a. mentioned Billund KarriereTour, which in 2023 brought together 500 students from higher education.

The report also highlighted the positive development Billund Erhverv is experiencing on the membership side, with 54 new members joining the association in 2023.

Jeppe Laursen ended the report by telling about the board's work in Billund Erhverv and rounded off by thanking the association's members for their cooperation, support and attention.

"Our committed members are the driving force in Billund Business. It is a pleasure to be board leader of an association where so many contribute actively - and the value it creates is certainly not insignificant. It is the commitment of the members that gives us credibility and credibility when we as an association also seek to inspire our partners and stakeholders and we will do everything we can to continue the positive development" says board leader Jeppe Laursen.

The evening was rounded off with a look into artificial intelligence, when director of the knowledge center Radr Preben Mejer gave an exciting and somewhat awe-inspiring lecture about the electronic future we are already looking into.

The new board can be seen below:

  1. Chairman of the board: director Jeppe Hebsgaard Laursen, Zebicon a/s
  2. Deputy board leader: director Anne-Mette Sørensen, Idento Group
  3. Development director Ronny Kristian Lilienvald, Billund Airport
  4. Director Sune Appel, ES Stålindustri Syd
  5. Company director Stern Johansen, KG Hansen & Sønner a/s
  6. Hotel Manager Martin Ebmark, Zleep Hotel Billund Airport
  7. Director Jesper Jensen, SkoUniverset
  8. Mayor Stephanie Storbank, Billund Municipality
  9. City council member Ann Charlotte Gaardsvig Vilstrup, Billund Municipality

For further information

Jeppe Hebsgaard Laursen
Board leader, Billund Erhverv
T .: 4196 4955

Marie Skov Lillelund
Director, Billund Business
T .: 9282 3605