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Green Kickstart

Billund Erhverv offers companies help to set direction for the work with green transition.

With Grøn Kickstart, the company's position in relation to green transition is covered. Do you have sustainability in mind and are you ready to meet the demands the company will face in the coming years.

It is the consulting company Buchhave Rådgivning that carries out a screening, and the first companies have already gone through the process.

The advice typically consists of three meetings with the company.
First, what the company associates with sustainability and green transition is uncovered.
What thoughts did the company have on the subject. Where do you expect to move to?

Based on the coverage, it is reviewed which topics and areas the company can work on further. An overview of approvals/certifications, training and support options, etc., which may be relevant to the company, is then prepared.

Grøn Kickstart is a free offer for Billund Erhverv's member companies.

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Here, as a member of Billund business, you can book a Green Kickstart. Fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also contact our business developers Susanne Gren Svendsen and Lars Gadgaard.

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