Green transition

There is money in thinking about green and sustainable business development

A sustainable mission is beneficial for the business, which is why it is a high priority for many companies. 

By working with sustainability in your business strategy, there are specifically 5 impact points that create an effect: 

  • Reduce costs 
  • Increase sales and create long-term customer relationships 
  • Create innovation in operation and development 
  • Attract the best skills/employees 
  • Create a better version of your business 

There is money in thinking green and sustainable and it is an absolutely decisive competitive parameter. More and more companies, within all industries, are feeling the increasing demands from customers, authorities and the outside world. 

The basic point is that green transition and competitiveness are two sides of the same coin. You must put the green and sustainable on the agenda in the company, because it can be good business and a decisive competitive parameter. 

To support your business, we at Billund Erhverv have various initiatives that focus on green growth and sustainable business development. 

I would like to be called by a business developer

Sustainability permeates all areas of the company, but it starts in management.

Sustainability can be important for the company's purpose or 'purpose', strategy, risk management and for how to attract and retain labour. Green conversion is not an independent project for the specialists, but something that will affect all parts of a company's activities.

Therefore, it is important that the company's management and possibly The board takes part in the green agenda.

Today, it is not enough to be the best at developing and producing good products.

There is increasing pressure on the company from customers to initiate green initiatives to reduce the CO2 footprint. Or perhaps you yourself have been pulled into the green leader's jersey and are trying to pull the rest of the value chain along with you.

The potential is great:
  • Savings, by reducing e.g. material, energy or water consumption.
  • Circular economy as part of the business model, where materials and products maintain the highest possible value in the economic cycle over time through recycling or waste prevention when repairing or upgrading.
  • Opportunity to enter new markets or launch new services because you produce green services that appeal to new segments or existing customers.
  • More motivated employees, because they experience a stronger meaning with a working life where they not only deliver financial results, but also results that contribute to maintaining the social and environmental balance on the globe.

Network – Green Competitiveness

The purpose of the open network - Green competitiveness, is to create knowledge and insight for the start-up and progress of your company.  

The form is informal, the themes are different from time to time and you sign up for what is relevant to you.  

Participation is free for all companies and employees in Billund municipality. 


Handheld help – Green Kickstart

Does your company need help to set a direction for the work with green conversion - we call it Green Kickstart. The purpose of Grøn Kickstart is, via advice, to help companies get started with the green transition.

Through this dialogue, we have the opportunity to offer you consulting help to set a direction for the work with green transition

The Kickstart course is a free offer for member companies of Billund Erhverv.


Business sparring

We put sustainability on the agenda in your business strategy. Sustainability permeates all areas of the company, but it starts with the company's management accepting that sustainability is important to the company's purpose and future. 

Sustainability must be part of the company's mission. Green conversion is not an independent project for the specialists, but something that will affect all parts of a company's activities. 

Therefore, it is important that the company's management and possibly The board takes part in the green agenda. 

We offer you impartial sparring on the possibilities and possibly help to get started, you just need to contact us.

The sustainability check

Get an overview of how your company can work with due diligence for sustainability using 6 steps. 

In these years, companies are experiencing more and more demands and expectations from the outside world to take responsibility for actions that can affect people, the environment and society. This could be, for example, in relation to human rights, climate or anti-corruption. 

The responsibility check is particularly targeted at small and medium-sized companies that want to work on their sustainable efforts, strengthen their responsibility and ensure that they are at the forefront of demands and expectations from the outside world.

Start the sustainability check

Financial co-financing

The business program. Dk gives you an overview of several projects that co-finance the green and sustainable transition in the company. 

The Danish Energy Agency/Sparenergi provides financial support to have an energy plan drawn up and the establishment of Co2-reducing measures. 

The Industry Foundation invests in projects that can increase companies' competitiveness internationally. This also includes sustainable projects that are economically, socially or climate sustainable.  

Denmark's green investment fund, co-financing for companies that support the green transition. Sustainable energy and resource optimization, energy savings, circular thinking. 

Innovation Fund, invests in climate-friendly projects such as greener transport, cleaner environment, healthier food, better healthcare. Often projects with high risk. 

In addition to the above examples, there are also a number of network groups and EU-funded projects which are free or almost free for companies to participate in.  

Billund Erhverv supports your business development - also on the green and sustainable side, reach out and let's have a dialogue about the possibilities. 

Good to know

Here you will find inspiration for the green transition, and links to pages with green inspiration.

The Green Dictionary
Understand the many terms and abbreviations. We have prepared a mini dictionary to guide you on your way. 

UN World Goals
What are the UN's Global Goals and is it something I can use in my business? Here you will find answers to many questions as well as good guides and relevant knowledge materials. 

Billund municipality's waste plan
Billund Municipality's waste plan for 2021-2033 describes the Municipality's goals for prevention and efficient utilization of citizens' and companies' resources.

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