HR Network

Attracting and retaining qualified labor takes up a lot of the HR staff's everyday life

The HR network is a confidential forum for employees who work with HR tasks in small or medium-sized companies in Billund Municipality. In the network, we sometimes get inspiration from outside, e.g. through presentations from knowledgeable people/experts, just as we share experiences and discuss options through sparring. The aim is for the participants to experience continuous development within the HR area.

There is great variation in the themes that are taken up at the network meetings. It can, for example, concerning Employer Branding, the HR annual cycle, The difficult conversation etc. We like to start from concrete problems and focus on new legislation in the area.

Billund Erhverv facilitates two HR networks, one of which is closed to several participants, and the new one is under construction. We prioritize that the networks do not become too large, as we want a high degree of confidentiality, just as the membership of the network is personal.

The network meets 4 times a year, and the agenda is put together by the participants in collaboration with the network leader. The meetings take place in shifts at one of the participating companies in the municipality.

Joining the network is free.


Contact settlement coordinator Marianne K. Thomsen

Tel. +45 2269 2498