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Get your own desk

At GROW Startup, we offer you several opportunities to become part of our burgeoning entrepreneurial environment. In addition to our free guidance and advice, you can choose to get a desk here with us at Kløvermarken in Billund. You can choose between a fixed desk or an airfield. The desk comes with access to the meeting room and Mutebox. Free parking for you and your guests right outside the door. Inspiring common areas both inside and outside and always freshly brewed coffee and tea.
Read more about the GROW Startup Hub here

We also work closely with our local business community. Therefore, in addition to the GROW Startup Hub, there is also the opportunity to sit with existing companies and business partners. You get a unique opportunity to develop your business in an experienced environment and have access to specialist skills for shorter or longer periods.

Energy and green transition

- for you who focus on sustainability, environment, energy and green transition. The collaboration takes place in close cooperation with, among others, GEV.
Read more about GEV Energy HUB here.

Transport, logistics and cargo

- for you who focus on, among other things, digitalisation, technology development and green transition within transport, logistics and cargo.
The collaboration takes place in close cooperation with, among others, Billund Airport.

Startups in the external hubs form a natural part of the entrepreneurial environment GROW at Kløvermarken - and can of course use the same offers.

If you have special wishes or ideas, do not hesitate to contact us.

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