A collaboration between a number of local companies, UCL Business Academy and Professionshøjskole in Vejle and Billund Business has resulted in a new training course in Billund.

Billund municipality has a large concentration of actors within the service, hotel and tourism industry, this led to the idea of ​​creating a targeted training course to strengthen both employees and the companies.

Head of Education Leif Bojesen from UCL explains how the collaboration came about: "Under the heading 'Lifelong learning', we are constantly working to develop our teaching formats so that they are adapted to business and students. We would like to be able to offer flexible upskilling in relation to requirements and wishes.” After participating in the Billund Career Tour TOURISM, Leif Bojesen contacted Billund Erhverv to discuss the possibilities for the establishment of targeted training within the tourism and experience area in the municipality. "We agreed that the first step had to be to make contact with some of the actors within the industry, and this was very positively received - we have created a model where the teaching can be organized in such a way that it is possible for employees to train , at the same time as they carry out their jobs," concludes Leif Bojesen.

"We are incredibly happy that companies look positively at the opportunity, and we see it as a fantastic opportunity for our companies to both attract and retain talented employees," says director of Billund Business Marie Skov Lillelund, and continues "It is desired that in the long term, both Service Economics training and Academy training in service and experiences can be offered.”

The courses are offered as individual subjects to ensure the greatest possible flexibility in the course. Planning and implementation takes place in close dialogue with the companies, so that periods of low season and closure periods can be used as best as possible - for example for further training of employees.

The first group of students in the subject 'Service' started classes at Hotel Refborg in Billund on Monday 6 November, and they will have completed the course with an exam in December.

Lalandia in Billund is one of the companies that has offered its employees further training, and HR manager Lene Stejnicher has no doubts about the value: "We see it as part of the career plan for our talented employees - we want to keep them with us, and therefore it is important that we can offer them skills training and the development of competences. The education model, which has been created through this collaboration, is absolutely optimal, both in terms of flexibility and content."

In addition to Lalandia, Hotel Hedemarken and LEGOLAND Hotel also have employees on the first team.

Billund Municipality's mayor welcomes the collaboration with UCL Vejle.

"I am concerned that we provide the right framework conditions so that we support the growing pains of our dynamic business community. In this connection, it is important that we collaborate crosswise, and I am sure that together with UCL Vejle we can gain important insights that we can use to strengthen the framework conditions for running a business in Billund municipality", says Stephanie Storbank .