Billund – worldwide reach

Become part of a strong, international environment

The unique features of Billund’s business infrastructure creates a dynamic and innovative framework for business growth and development.

Billund Airport and a well-connected road-network play a key role in developing a vibrant business environment for international companies operation out of Billund.

The region around Billund has a strong focus on innovation and research and companies looking to establish their business in Billund can leverage partnerships with research institutions, universities, and technology clusters.

You can become part of the international business hub in connection to Billund Airport – which gives international companies access and connectivity to destinations, partners, and customers all over the world.The local authorities and organizations in Billund provide a dedicated service for businesses.

The aim is to help find the optimal location for your business, facilitate market entry, foster growth and encourage collaboration among the companies in the municipality.

Whether you run a large company with many employees, or a small startup, you can find an attractive location for your business. If you want to share facilities with other companies, you will find attractive and modern co-working spaces, with a central location.

Establish your business in Billund, an innovative international business environment with a unique infrastructure that provides access to the whole world.

Great access to an innovative workforce and know-how

Within 60 minutes you will have access to more than a million employees, several international recognized universities, study programs and other knowledge-based institutions as well as international renowned business partners and peers.

An interesting place to live and work

Billund is located in Central Jutland’s beautiful nature. The city is vibrant, yet modest, with an international atmosphere and lot of opportunities for families to settle. With many expats living in and around the city, Billund Business offers relocation services for expats coming to Billund and will be ready with guidance and support for individuals and families who want to move to Billund Municipality.

Among the services are:

  • Guidance and assistance for job search for accompanying spouses
  • Connecting newcomers to public authorities, schools, educational institutions, and language centers
  • Contacts and inspiration to leisure life, clubs, and associations. In addition, events and info meetings will regularly be organized by the settlement coordinator in Billund Business

Interested in knowing more of the growth potential for your company in Billund?

If you want to know more of the potential of developing your business in Billund, please contact Billund Business and let us help you build your business case in Billund Municipality.

We will put together the right team for you and will assist you with business insights and our expertise about land and property, networks, match-making, recruitment, and our services for newcomers.

A fully equipped international Cargo Center

With office and storage facilities close to the runway resource-optimization is a key priority at this location. Cargo Center Billund offers a short-cut to a catchment area comprising dynamic business regions in Northern Germany and Scandinavia.

The Cargo Center is fully equipped with facilities for handling any type of shipments, including general cargo, special cargo such as temperature-sensitive shipments, dangerous cargo, e.g. Maersk Air Cargo has chosen Billund Airport as their European air freight hub and significant investments in the expansion of the airport creates further value for logistics companies.

Fact box

An airport with remarkable reach

Billund Airport is Denmark’s second largest international airport with flights to more than 120 European destinations comprising important central airports such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Riga, Istanbul, Munich, Paris and Warsaw.

Via international hub airports Billund is reachable from more than 540 destinations across the world.


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