Tourism in Billund

Invest in a playful growth journey

The story of Billund as a tourist destination is the story of playfulness, innovation, and design. It is the story of LEGO® Group as a true local pioneer, now world-famous for its innovative approach to playfulness and learning. As a company you will tap into a remarkable tourism community and become part of a network of well-positioned international companies as well as startup clusters.

With several world-famous tourist attractions on the map already, you will harvest the synergies of the renowned fun parks, cultural sights, and leisure activities. You will have access to the eco-system of tourists visiting Billund area and you will embark the true growth journey of the tourism industry in Billund.

One Tourism Business: Unlocking strategic synergies

Located in the heart of Denmark, Billund is close to rolling waves, Michelin-starred restaurants, cultural hot spots and several tourist attractions. As part of the LEGOLAND® Billund Resort initiative, 15 of these attractions are collaborating on marketing activities to make Billund a must-see destination in Denmark.

LEGOLAND® Billund Resort is a collaboration between tourist attractions located throughout the region of Southern Denmark. By collaborating strategically to develop the tourism industry, it is possible to co-create attractive opportunities for companies, entrepreneurs, employees – and of course, the visitors.

Home to tourism

Tourism plays an important role in Billund Municipality. With several million visitors every year Billund is an attractive location for companies within the sector of leisure economy. Guests are already visiting the area for daytrips, short breaks or stopovers and Billund Business works strategically to develop the tourism industry and make people stay a little longer.

The connectivity is great. Visitors can arrive by plane from more than 540 destinations in the world to Billund Airport – or by a well-connected road-network.

Positions of strengths: Playfulness, learning and creativity

Billund Municipality supports an ambitious business environment and is eager to create the foundation for companies to grow. With positions of strengths within the areas of DESIGN & INNOVATION as well as PLAY & LEARNING, Billund Municipality is keen to support the growth journey of companies within the leisure economy and has laid out land for future companies ready to invest in tourism, leisure economy and supporting industries.

The tourism businesses in Billund are well-known for a high degree of brand value, innovation, creativity, and a strong focus on behavioral design. Collaboration have been initiated across companies and industries, and the concept Capital of Children combines knowledge of play and learning with design and innovation methods.

Focus on green transition

The tourism industry and Billund Municipality have a joint ambition to support a greener and more sustainable tourism sector. Billund has visions and strategies for a sustainable development and this goes hand in hand with the ambitions of expanding Billund Airport, and the tourist attractions’ ambitions of becoming more sustainable. Companies supporting the green transition of the tourism industry are key in taking the transition to the next level.

A friendly place to live and work

When investing in Billund your company also makes the choice of investing in an activity-based and family-friendly tourism environment. When it comes to family-friendly places, you will have a hard time finding a more amazing place than Billund. Billund Municipality has a strong tourism identity, which is well-known both nationally and internationally. With Denmark’s second largest airport located just outside the city center and a wealth of recognized attractions and a business-oriented focus on tourism development, the Billund area is an obvious place to work with tourism.

Billund is located in Central Jutland’s beautiful nature. The city is vibrant, yet modest, with an international atmosphere and lot of opportunities for families to settle. With many expats living in and around the city, Billund Business offers relocation services for expats coming to Billund and will be ready with guidance and support for individuals and families who want to move to Billund Municipality.

Among the services are:

  • Guidance and assistance for job search for accompanying spouses
  • Bridge building between expats and public authorities, schools, educational institutions, and language centers
  • Contacts and inspiration to leisure life, clubs and associations. In addition, events and info meetings will regularly be organized by the settlement coordinator


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